Two candidates for Galveston mayor — Don Mafrige and Elizabeth Beeton — filed a petition for a writ of mandamus in the 1st Court of Appeals, asking the court to force the city secretary to rule that Jim Yarbrough is ineligible to run for mayor. Mafrige and Beeton contend Yarbrough does not meet the requirements for residency as set out in the city charter. 

I was saddened but not surprised to read that two candidates for Galveston mayor are continuing their efforts to have Jim Yarbrough’s candidacy ruled ineligible.

The Yarbroughs did what folks do when their children leave home and downsized. While pondering what kind of location on the island they wanted to invest in next, they rented in Evia. Subsequently, they purchased a new home on the island. 

During the rental period, they used their homestead exemption on their property in another county. Once they purchased their new property, they moved the homestead back to Galveston. Throughout this, they have lived in Galveston.

With so many valid and important issues facing our city, why would reasonable people spend time beating a dead horse and forcing Yarbrough to spend money on legal representation? 

I also wonder why one of those mayoral candidates voted to fire one city manager, voted to hire Michael Kovacs and less than two years later voted to fire him. We taxpayers made huge termination payments twice.

I am supporting a candidate who will watch after my tax dollars and make good decisions for Galveston the first time. My vote goes to Jim Yarbrough.

Olivia Meyer lives in Galveston.

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