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Gary Miller

HUD doesn't care that no place in Galveston conformes to the law concerning poverty and segregation or not building in a flood either.
They have money to share with supporters and the H with the rules. They love being sued, that's how HUD lawyers make a living.

Steve Fouga

Jul Kamen, your letter is as clear and straightforward a statement of this issue as I have seen.

When I moved here in 2011 I couldn't believe the Government was insisting on bringing more poor people to this poverty-stricken place. A somewhat dangerous place at that. Simply inconceivable. And yet here we are.

A vote for Jim Yarbrough is clearly a vote for public housing.

Raymond Lewis

Ms. Kamen was wrong when she lived here and even more so now that she no longer lives and votes on the Island.

It makes little difference (at this point) whether either of the three mayoral candidates are for or against public housing. Those of you that think it does should know better by now.

Steve Fouga

Sure it does!

Raymond Lewis

J. Buckner, ask the current mayor (who was elected because of what he professed about public housing) if it makes a difference.

Steve Fouga

TrebleClef, I know this: giving up will certainly allow the housing to be built.

Fighting might delay or avoid it. But then the developers and builders waiting for the go-ahead won't get paid, and we can't have that, can we?

I have a big problem with a candidate who won't admit it's bad for the Island. I'd trust someone much more who would come out and say, "I know it's bad for the Island. It'll likely bring more crime, but we'll have to find ways to mitigate that. I know it'll make the Island a worse place for the citizens already here, but maybe we can do something to compensate for that. I realize more public housing will make Galveston less attractive to folks thinking of moving here, and stifle our chances for population growth, but maybe we can expand the Port to attract people anyway. I know that there is absolutely nothing good that can come of adding more public housing on the Island, but we're hosed."

I would trust someone like that. I'd trust them even more if they said "We've seen it's unlikely we'll be able to keep the housing from being rebuilt. But I'll exhaust every avenue available before I'll let it happen."

I understand your comment about the current mayor. On the other hand, as far as I know there aren't any housing units currently under construction...

Raymond Lewis

I hear you JB. It's just not the most important Galveston issue. Public housing is not the most important issue a potential mayor could be discussing right now.

Steve Fouga

"It's just not the most important Galveston issue." -- I disagree. It's the single most damaging thing that could happen to the island, outside of a hurricane.

"Public housing is not the most important issue a potential mayor could be discussing right now." -- I reluctantly agree. It's a stale issue. I can't agree it's unimportant, but I guess voters don't want to hear about it anymore. They've given up.

Out of curiosity, what do you think the important issues are?

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