The welfare reform President Bill Clinton twice vetoed then signed under voter duress created most of his budget surplus.

More than 3 million people left welfare by getting jobs.

Increased revenues and reduced spending produced his “surplus” without changing the tax code.

Conservatives are working on the most powerful policy change ever — universal school choice for every child in America, using cost-sharing of state and federal education budgets for vouchers.

Without changing the tax code, it would be a big improvement in American education, saving local and state taxpayers $200 to $300 billion a year.

Gary Miller

Texas City

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Gary Miller

Decade after decade, poll after poll has shown minority and low income parents are 70 to 90 percent in favor of school choice. Having paid school taxes all their lives they see “choice vouchers” as the only way their children can attend quality schools.
All 30 conservative and 4 liberal states indicate they’d welcome a cost sharing plan using state and federal money for choice vouchers. Federal budgets could save $20 to $30 billion a year.

Steve Fouga

"Policy can be more powerful than law"


"All 30 conservative and 4 liberal states indicate they’d welcome a cost sharing plan using state and federal money for choice vouchers."

I'm for it, IHOG. I feel a good portion of my taxes spent on education has been wasted. Let's see some competition in the education marketplace!

Gary Miller

MR Buckner.
Just imagine what choice vouchers could do for LM students. A better education for half price wouldn't hurt the City of LM either. An educated workforse is a valuable resourse LM realy could use.

Steve Fouga

IHOG, I never really thought about exactly how the tax money should be used. When my child was in private school, I always wished I could put the money I was spending on taxes toward her tuition. Now she's about to graduate from college, and I've essentially paid double for her education.

So yes, choice vouchers would be a boon to LM students and their parents. But where would the kids choose to go to school? Are there good alternatives? I'm barely familiar with Galveston, much less LM.

Gary Miller

Most Americans , 60 % +,are in favor of school choice.
We'll have to elect conservatives and wait untill Obama is out of office to get it.
He'll veto any attempt to do it. Liberals would lose much of their union funding because the $200 billion or more savings would come out of union income from ISD education.
States instead of the Federal government would set standards. One size for all education would be ended. Replaced by the education wanted or needed by students.

Gary Miller

If school choice became law local school taxpayers would need to decide what to do with local school taxes.
Repeal them or use them for college? Or both? Local school taxes are more than enough pay for college for local graduates who qualify. The excess could be repealed.
What would be your choice?
Repeal entirely to grow the local economy? Keep paying some to send local students to college?

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