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GW Cornelius

Yarbrough is the only logical choice in this race. The others have proven they are not capable to do the job.

Robert Young

He is the answer to Galveston's stagnant vision and recovery.

David Collins

I see the pro-public housing lobby is out in force again. That's why Yarbrough was asked to move back to Galveston to run. Consider that he's supported by Jaworski, Massey, Crews, Rosen, Coggeshall and Thomas. That should give every voter pause.

Steve Fouga

Yes, I'm worried we're on the way back to slums and high crime. Just what Galveston needs while still trying to recover from Ike.

Not that Mr Yarbrough is a bad guy, I just wonder where his priorities are. Seems like a hired hand. I could be wrong, and if he does a great job I'll be a happy camper. Just doesn't seem likely...

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