Having known Jonathan Kieschnick for more than 40 years, I feel that my perspective of his personal and professional character is an honest reflection. I have watched him become the man of true integrity that he is today.

Some may consider my views slightly one-sided, and that’s understandable, considering I am his sister. However, I can honestly say that I have seen him at his best and his worst and truly know him inside and out.

During the last several months, Kieschnick has been preparing for the opportunity that he was born to pursue. He is running as a candidate for judge for Galveston County Court No. 2. His message is simple: impartiality and rule of law, not politics. I am incredibly proud of the campaign he has run. He works hard and he remains dedicated to public service while representing and serving the people of Galveston County.

Please consider Kieschnick for judge for Galveston County Court No. 2 when you cast your vote on Tuesday. For information, please visit his website, www.ElectJCK.com.

Kim Kieschnick

League City

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