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GW Cornelius

This is the same Mafrige that made a bigot remark about a felloe council person when he was on council. Not a good choice for Mayor.

David Collins

His full page ad about Yarbroughs conflicts of interest was spot on.

Ron Shelby

If he's such a supporter of the island, why did he spend his ad design money with commissioner ken Clark's company in the north of the county rather than with one of the many local public relations businesses on the island? Or is there another reason he's trying to ally himself with commissioner Clark?

Ellen Morrison

For the same reason that Jim Yarbrough used John Manlove's business - and hey, Pasadena isn't even in the county!!

According to his campaign finance reports, JY spent $26481.75 for consulting with John Manlove Marketing between 10/08/2013 and 03/31/2014. Watch out for those glass houses.

George Croix

To be fair to all, it's unclear whether the selective reporting of 'facts' by supporters mirrors a condidates proclivities.
Still, it's a bit illuminating, and possibly instructive, to consider how something is reported to be bad or suspicious by one, but the same or worse is a good reason to cast a vote for their guy.
Probabaly just a coincidence...sort of like leaving out all the many other people involved when your guy 'builds the county justice center'.

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