Citizens of Galveston often complain about what needs to be done to better our city. On voting day we head for the ballot and with heavy hearts read a list of candidates delivering empty promises and confusing rhetoric. This year is different, for we have the dedicated, straight talking Craig Brown running for City Council District 2.

One can look up his record of untiring community service and support of neighborhood projects, but it’s his character that truly inspires. I’ve observed Brown at neighborhood get-togethers and never do I see a politician with a personal agenda, but rather someone with the ability to actually listen to citizens’ opinions and utilize that information to generate forward looking plans.

I wondered why Brown would undertake the arduous prospect of running for city council when he could spend his days comfortably retired. The answer lies in his actions. Every morning like clockwork, Brown goes for a walk on the beach, returning with handfuls of garbage that he’s picked up along the way. It’s not a political photo-op; he is simply compelled to better our neighborhood. We need more Craig Browns as neighbors and more importantly as leaders in our city.

Rosa Morgan


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