Many will disagree, but it seems we have at least three good leading candidates for mayor.

Each is diligent, good-living, well-intentioned and competent, albeit with his or her own unique balance of skills.

Perhaps we could put them in a blender or have them form a mayoral corporation.

But, I do find myself wishing at least one would display a strong interest in the future of the island west of the seawall and in championing the economic values of open space, public access to beach and bay, and a more pervasive police presence to keep it all under control.

I realize this 30-mile long, skinny island is difficult to manage, but the city did incorporate the west end of it (other than Jamaica Beach) and has a duty to provide both infrastructure, comprehensive planning consistent with its residential and eco tourism potential … and use controls.

I also wish the city would take over all the land the county owns so that beach pocket parks could be reopened.

Mort Voller


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Jarvis Buckley

EB has done more for the average folks on the west End than Robb.

Ellen Morrison

Well, that's not saying much. About all Robb has done is try to take herself to another political level - and fumble her way out of the one she's in, instead.

Her mishandling of so many things, her antagonistic attitude, her greed - and her hubris - all contributed to her downfall. Carefully cutting out an active peer from the position and then not even bothering to go to the HGAC meetings regularly almost cost us a lot, and there's too much at stake at those meetings.

She's not been in "the game" for the work or the residents - only for her future, as usual. She should have stayed down in south Texas... but I guess they got tired of her, there, too.

People are not going to vote for her. Carloyn Sunseri will be the new D6 council member.

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