Daily News readers sound off about the May election.

I just read the following on Kate Marx’s Facebook page and had to gasp. Of Ralph McMorris, Marx said; “Truth is, under his (McMorris) leadership, the GAIN organization went from 20 member neighborhoods down to eight. Is this the testament to his ability to lead? I hope that the citizens of District 3 will look for truth in everything with respect to this election. I have preferred to take the high road.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Under McMorris’ leadership and tireless work, the Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods flourished, reached 19 neighborhoods and was the highest membership in the history of GAIN.

Membership data is public information and can be verified. I was vice president when McMorris was president of GAIN. He went to neighborhood meetings, never missed a city manager meeting, was thorough in his preparation of neighborhood concerns and handled very difficult citywide issues, such as housing, diplomatically and with a focus on everyone having a voice. GAIN flourished under him.

I know the air is rare on the 22nd floor of Palisade Palms, but it might also be thin.

How else could you explain an accountant who cautions against lying in the campaign lying on Facebook?

Bill Broussard


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George Lee

Yes, i was amazed when i read that on facebook, as i was when i saw ralph misquoted in the newspaper after the ball high forum. Of course, the endorsements this time around are just as strange.

Norman Pappous

GAIN membership hit an all time high while Ralph was its President. That is a fact. Membership losses occurred after Ralph left.

Blaming him for a drop in membership is akin to blaming last year's coach for this year's record.

Kenneth Marx

Bill Broussard, who in Norm Pappous' own words was the "lightening rod" that caused the drop in membership .... Under McMorris' presidency and continued involvement, I'd say that is a grain of salt that I would take with this letter.

Ask the member neighborhoods - 12 of them, that no longer are members of GAIN.

Bill Broussard

Ms. Marx. I represent my neighborhood at GAIN and I don't even pretend to understand your response. Clearly you do not know what your talking about and GAIN did have 19 neighborhoods during Ralph's term of office. Your other gibberish aside, your posting on Facebook was inaccurate and obviously was given to you by someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. Be careful of that. It happens more often than you think.

BTW: We never saw Ralph at but one GAIN meeting the year after he left when his tenure ran out. His business was undergoing a growth spurt and he was pretty much used up and traveling. He wasn't even around when the membership dropped.

Just say you were given inaccurate facts and be done with it.

GW Cornelius

If it involves GAIN it can't be good. Ralph is a good guy but he is no council person he is to influenced by GAIN.

Bill Broussard

Rather it be a Moody or a Kempner I guess. Plenty of candidates to choose from if that's the case.

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