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Jackson Hancock

Win Weber might be a nice lady but as the incumbent, she didn't give the voters a choice on the bond. It was all or nothing.
I think Galveston County needs more representation on the CCISD Board.

Voting for the fiscal conservative and CCISD native, Nick Long

Amanda DeVries

Island Student, The voters could have chosen to vote against the bond as it was presented and make the Trustees put it up again. They chose to pass it. So don't make the choice of the voters anything other than that. If it wasn't acceptable, they didn't have to vote for it.

And just because Nick Long is from CCISD doesn't make him qualified. and Fiscally conservative??? That's a laugh right there. What fiscal conservative spends at least $10,000 and probably more, but we don't know for sure because he doesn't file campaign finance reports, on a school board election? Even if you have it, its not a very good use of funds. Perhaps he could have supported The Education Foundation with that money instead.

He has not attended CCISD School Board meetings, He has not attended CCISD School Board Workshops, both of which are open to the public. He has not volunteered for any group or organization that supports CCISD schools, he is not familiar with most of the programs that CCISD offers for their students, he is "on" two committees for CCISD of which he attends no meetings, he knows NOTHING about our district.

He might as well be married to the local group of Tea Party extremists that think that the only thing worth looking at in any capacity is the balance sheet. While important, it is not the only responsibility of a Trustee. And while no one is a fan of debt and bonds, I have not heard one solution from Mr. Long or his friends on how to provide the necessary funding for capital improvement projects. These same friends and supporters of his are also the first to bad mouth the district and its school board, yet Nick will sit in a public forum and tell everyone how wonderful he thinks the district is. So which is? Is it lousy or is it wonderful?

Nick is not in this race for the betterment of CCISD, he is in this race to further his resume, his business contacts, and his own aspirations for a political career. Which he would probably do just fine in because he is a true politician. Fine if he wants a career in politics, you don't use your local school board to get there.

Win Weber did her due diligence for over a year before she chose to run for the school board. She attended school board meetings, she attended workshops, she researched and made sure she was prepared for the job. She has been involved in CCISD schools for years as a parent and volunteer. She knows what CCISD is about and what issues our students, families and faculty face everyday. As far as I know, Nick hasn't set foot inside a school in CCISD since he was a student except to attend a forum.

How can he profess to be what is best for the district when he doesn't know anything about the district?

And just because he's from Galveston County and went to a CCISD school doesn't equal qualified. Neither does a desire to hold a position.

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