“Locals should take action on Dickinson Bayou cleanup” (The Daily News, Feb. 25) discusses a regional problem and highlights the importance of local, state and national elections. This is an issue that cannot be resolved at the local level since it involves several cities and at least three counties.

The “… regulations to reduce contamination …” are written and enforced by federal and state representatives and agencies. Our state government under governors Bush, Perry and Abbott fought vigorously any regulations on pollution and cancer-causing toxic contaminates such as dioxin and PCB. The Dickinson Watershed Partnership “… is revising the 2014 plan to submit to the federal Environmental Protection Agency … for federal Clean Water Act funding.”

Candidate Rick Perry wanted to eliminate the EPA and President Donald Trump’s federal budget proposal calls for cuts to the EPA. We need to realize that “… government money …” comes from taxes. As long as we keep electing representatives to cut taxes and waste moneys on self-imposed lawsuits, there will not be resources necessary to restore the waterways, or fund police pensions or treat wounded veterans or pay the local, state and federal debts.

As Charriss York said “… speak up and let it be known you’re concerned.” Your loudest voice is your vote.

Richard Capestani

Texas City


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Carlos Ponce

And we voted, Richard.There is such a thing as "over reaction" resulting in "over regulation" The EPA is way out of control. Those you mention want sensible rules that don't harm. Rules that don't harm your lives, your health, your jobs, your livelihood, your family. Those you mention are not for dirty air and dirty water filled with carcinogens. What they want is COMMON SENSE answers.

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