1. Vote a straight-party ticket.

2. Believe in big government.

3. Get on the government “dole.”

4. Sign up for Obamacare.

5. Support illegal immigration.

6. Smoke marijuana and drink the Kool-Aid.

7. Ignore traffic laws.

8. Text and drive.

9. Tailgate.

10. Use your cellphone while driving.

Do you recognize yourself? Wake up and grow up!


James Cleveland lives in Texas City.

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Gary Miller

The straight party ticket should be removed from the ballot.
Liberals bus people from the HUD projects and tell them to push the party ticket. button.
Ignorent people have the right to vote but should they be herded like slaves to do it?

GW Cornelius

GOP should be removed from ticket and sent back to the outer world from which they came.

Carlos Ponce

Outer world- You must mean Heaven.

Leon Lion

I think Island Runner, family and/or friends must fall in there at items 2-6.[wink]

Steve Fouga

"The straight party ticket should be removed from the ballot."

YES, IHOG, you're right! It encourages laziness and, obviously, party-line voting. When a person votes party line, it means they aren't thinking.

Unless of course, they think first about each race, and still end up voting party line. In that case still no need for the straight-party button.

George Croix

The problem with your list, is that the people who need to heed the list, are the ones who run from simply clueless, to unfixable ( a short jog, at that...), and, as such, will never see themselves in the list, if they even bother to look in the first place.
Catch 22...and 33...and 44...

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