While visiting Louisiana recently, I was amazed at the number of Texas license plates I found at a place called Delta Downs.

Eureka! I thought I’d found the most popular attraction in America.

I ventured in and found it wasn’t the horse racing, since there were no horses to be found, and it wasn’t the restaurant, since there were only a dozen people eating. To my amazement, I saw lights flashing and heard noises emanating from and saw people sitting in front of slot machines.

What a marvelous attraction for our state government to reap the benefits from gasoline tax. Think of all the gallons of fuel at a whopping 20 cents a gallon that is going into our state coffers.

This is a real win-win, Texas-Louisiana relationship. Texas gets the fuel tax and Louisiana gets the thousands of casino jobs, more than $1 billion in gaming taxes and more than $1 million in hotel taxes.

Ahh, but Texas can be proud to be one of the handful of states that prohibits casino gambling.

We can hold our moral head high concerning our prohibition of gambling. Oops, wait a minute. We can play the lotto and bet on horse and dog racing.

Oh well, here’s my $5 gasoline tax, Gov. Perry. Although I didn’t have any winnings to bring back to Texas, I had a blast contributing to the Louisiana economy.

Chris Welsh


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Super Dave

I venture to LA about once a month for the past 15 years. I actually like the drive of 3-4 hours depending upon it being L'Auberge or Coushatta. And yes there are allot of Texas plates, but Texas will never be a gambling state; just don't see it. And I hope it never becomes a gambling state. I just like the road trips better.

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