Try to guess the president I am talking about from the following comments taken from newspaper articles about him:

This president has a total disregard of civil liberties and is unable to manage Congress or even his own cabinet. He has time and again chosen expediency over principle and has even suspended habeas corpus at his own free will. He has chosen the laws he wants to obey. He will forever be known as the father of big government and is not qualified to manage the affairs of this country. I believe he has honesty and good intentions, but this is indicative of his own judgment. This president has made the fanatical attempt to place the Negro on a social and political equality with the white race and his actions are like “the frenzy of a distempered brain, which shrinks from a shadow on the wall.”

These statements were made about President Abraham Lincoln.

Even after seven score and nine years we are still reading and hearing the same old, off-the-wall, slanderous and unsubstantiated comments about our current president.

Some things never change.

Jack Graham

Santa Fe

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Carlos Ponce

Abraham Lincoln did not play golf while American lives were in jeopardy. He did attend a play after Lee's surrender. When our ambassador to Libya was killed, Obama jetted to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. When our embassy in Iraq was in danger, Obama jetted to Palm Springs for a fund raiser and golf. At least we know President Obama's priorities. President Lincoln met his constituents in the White House. There is no comparison. One man is great, the other a dismal failure.

George Croix

I never knew Abraham Lincoln personally, only through records of his words and deeds, but from that I am quite sure thet Barack Obama is no Abraham Lincoln (with due credit to Lloyd Bentsen...).
After all, Lincoln did all he could to free people from dependency on a central authority figure; from perpetual servitude to the will of that authority because of it.
Abraham Lincoln did all he could to try to encourage and preserve the unity of the people of the nation.
Abraham Lincoln was a man who agonized over the gravity of the decisions he made as they effected the nation, not as they effected him politically.
Two days from now marks the announcement 119 years ago to people in Galveston of the end of slavery, a little over 4 years after Lincoln took office, and over 2 after the Emmancipation Proclamation.
Last Friday marked the latest announcement of actual national unemployment of over 11%, and of black people about double that figure, a little over 5 years after Obama took office, and the same amount of time with 'jobs as first priority'.
President Obama is no President Lincoln.
Quite the opposite...
Thanks for the opportunity to revisit the '58th' State...that of reality...[wink]


He seems to be a personable enough fellow, but he is in over his head. He just shoots from the hip on the issues and hope something work. Our allies are afraid of his next move, and Israel don't trust him. One thing he better learn and learn fast, IF he is not going to help those JEWS, he BETTER leave them be! That's not only good advice for him but good for anybody else as well.
Another thing Mr. Graham, let me be clear about something. Do I hate this man? I don't think so, because I have already predetermined and trained my FLESH/SOUL,
keeper of my emotions, that this old boy is not ever going to allow no man to PULL ME DOWN SO LOW AS TO MAKE ME HATE HIM!
I got my foot on that one and never will I let him up and back into my life! Another thing, I don't generally support, those I hate with a vote, and money spent on their campaign organization! Yea that's right I'm an ex-supporter of the man's first presidential run.
I'm one of those who can admit to having supported both BUSHES, Clinton, and Obama the first time, which makes me a legitimate Independent Voter. Now I say all that to say, without malice, or malicious intent, that in my opinion, "THE MAN IS IN OVER HIS HEAD!"
I'm not proud to admit it but he fooled me the first time, without MAKING a fool of me! If I had supported him the second time, THEN THAT WOULD HAVE SUCKED ME OVER INTO THE LAND OF THE DECEIVED. ( my opinion which I am entitled to. )
Lastly, I'll end by quoting the second law of JBGism:
Here is another useful statement:
Just because an individual decides to critique, or criticize Mr.Obama's job performance does not necessarily mean they hate the man! It just might be they think he is doing a lousy job or that he has "EVOLVED" away from certain promises he made before he got elected! I would classify myself in that group!


George Croix

Yep, it's easier to trot out the 'hate' accusation or try to sell bait than to actually face the reality of a President voted in twice who, based on his record of lack of accomplishment, lack of 'transparency, and lack of competence, to date, and continuing, should never have been voted in the first time if the goal was to elect a President to positively effect the nation's problems. They're still here, with a lot of new company, and a much bigger price tag.
The second time was not his supporters was the opposition not turning out....else, we'd not be in this second chance to mess up mess. Another guy would have had a chance to fix up, or maybe mess up. We'll never know now.
I personally don't know a single person who hates Obama, including myself. No doubt there are many who do claim to hate him, just as there were for previous Presidents.
He actually puts forth the impression of being a good family man, something that's a positive model for people. I think that's admirable.
But, as Jbg says, the guy just can't handle the job. I'd respectfully add that if he were not such an arrogant person, and such a complete ideologue, he might have a chance to correct that, being a very smart man. Unfortunately, he's not a wise man, because a wise man works to correct his errors and shortcomings, not double down on them. Repeatedly.
He's so bogged down with ideology, he can't strike consensus. Without consensus, he can't govern. Without being able to govern, he can only act unilaterally. By acting unilaterally so often, he cuts out and marginalizes the half of the country who elected people fo a different ideology to represent them, and do their 1/3 of the governing of the nation. By cutting them out, he has to settle for small ball, when if he'd just learn how to lead, from the front, he could get into the majors in actual fact, rather than name only.
Ergo, the biggest 'obstruction' to the the President.
He's got about 30 months to look in the mirror real hard and admit that, and do something to correct it. A long 30 months, to make some moves to turn a Carter/Nixon-esque legacy into one less than what could have been, but at least positive.
Will he do that?
Will he admit that he's going about the nation's business bassackwards, and put his ego and his personal ideology to the side for the good of the country and actually change his ways to work with the rest of the elected leaders to strike some accomodations?
Who thinks that's a yes?


He is in over his head and won't stop digging.........

Lisa Blair

This is the same thing that happened with the forums before the subscription-only change was made. A few people with their 50 line rants take over and everyone else loses interest. The same few people writing angry dissertations no one's reading. Oh we'll, it was nice while it lasted.

Carlos Ponce

Say what you will but as a retired teacher in a local school district I have a loyal following of ex-students and fellow teachers who love what I have to write. I rarely reach the 50 line stage but you're in for a treat if I do. God Bless you lisablair!


Mr. Ponce
I tell you what I'm going to do! I'm going to call my Uncle Wooie! He has some pull in this County! I thought people were reading my posts! I'm gonna complain!
That's the only reason I do not charge!!!!!!! My Uncle Wooie will know what to do!!!

Carlos Ponce

I definitely read your posts, Jbgood!
lisablair must like to text or twitter. She doesn't like when it's more than a line or two. As for me, I LOVE to read, especially when someone has something profound to say. This forum is for the exchange of ideas, not sound bites.

George Croix

So, you don't read our 'rants', you just count the lines so you can do your own rant against them.....
Too funny....[beam]
Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall in my agreement with the GDN that I HAD to read anything. Which is good, because I don't read the troll(s)...Period...
Skip me.
I'll get over the loss, somehow....[beam][beam][beam]

GW Cornelius

Sounded like Bush to me.

Carlos Ponce

While neither Bush suspended "habeas corpus" both Bush I and Bush II did "place the Negro on a social and political equality with the white race". Both treated everyone with equality without regard to race, creed or gender. Thank you Island Runner for pointing that out!

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