It's time for Galvestonians to reject the special interest groups that have held our island home back for decades. As two lifelong BOI conservative Republicans on fixed incomes, we are urging our friends and neighbors to vote "for" the bond election on May 6.

Our streets have been ignored for the better part of 50 years. Our drainage system is collapsing all over the city, and streets flood frequently. It's time to set the path for the future of our island home by voting for Proposition 1.

Galveston has a city manager that is doing an incredible job and will do an outstanding job overseeing the projects to address our deplorable streets and drainage. This is the opportunity we have been waiting for, for decades  — a city manager that can be trusted to deliver what is promised in a bond election.

It's time to say "no" to the special interest groups and "for" the bond election and the future of our city. The time is now. Vote for Proposition 1 on May 6.

Don and Louis Ciaccio



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Mindy Lakin

Thank you for encouraging the residents of our Island to join together, across the political spectrum, for the betterment of our Island city.

Lisa Blair

See, Democrats and Republicans CAN agree and work together. Thanks, Don!

Don Ciaccio

Absolutely we can & should ALL come together to move our island home forward. This is the time to put politics aside and help our city. It takes a whole village!!

Kitty Allen


Debra Criss

thanks Don.

Steve Fouga

Well, after studying this bond proposal to death, I've decided I'm in.

I'm definitely in favor of improving the Island's infrastructure and, having worked as a government contractor myself, I've long understood that taxes are the means to get work done.

After a detailed reading of the Capital Improvement Plan I find it hard to argue with the projects listed. I do wonder why 23rd St between Broadway and Seawall is NOT on the list (or at least I didn't see it), but I'm heartened to find that many of my most-traveled paths ARE. I am usually unaffected by drainage problems because of where I live, but I sympathize with the thousands who are inconvenienced or worse with every thunderstorm. It's obvious that the City's streets and drainage are a mess, and that the Capital Improvement Plan addresses the problems. I urge those of you who haven't already studied the plan to at least glance at the WHOLE LIST, not just the items covered by the May 6 bond election. It provides a much more complete picture.

My sole remaining reservations are whether I can trust future councils as I do the current one, and whether Brian Maxwell will stay in Galveston when other opportunities come his way. These aren't within my control, and I've read on these boards that bond covenants prohibit much messing around with the content of the projects.

What IS within my control is my vote, and my optimism for Galveston's future. I plan to vote "Yes" on May 6.

Kitty Allen

Thank you for taking time to STUDY the issue! An informed electorate is vital to the future of our community, our state and our country.

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