In response to the guest column by Norman Pappous (“‘Failure’ is a code word for ‘Democrat,’” The Daily News, June 29): Why is it always partisan with you? 

Republicans aren’t geniuses or saints, any more than Democrats.

Truth is, both sides have good and bad ideas, successful and unsuccessful policies. 

The two parties spend far too much time attacking the other and trying to affix blame for the condition of our country.

The best solution is for both parties to begin working with each other and support good ideas no matter which side of the aisle they come from. 

Being an obstructionist or casting a negative light on the other party will accomplish nothing.

If you approach your city council position with this same lack of flexibility, you will find it hard to accomplish the goals you have for the city. 

Show you can play well with others.


Phil Newton lives in Galveston

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Raymond Lewis

Good advice to Norm. Rumor has it that Mr. Pappous didn't take kindly to some supporters of his opponent and brazenly made his displeasure known.

Pete Nanos

That's just so much BS. The left thinks "playing well with others" means their way or the highway. The examples are right in front of you ( The ACA ...not one republican amendment allowed or even considered, The Senate under Harry Reid, over 30 republican Bills with bipartisan support from the House not allowed to come to the floor of the Senate for a vote, including Bills that would create jobs.) Just saying that both sides are not cooperating is no where close to the truth. The House has done what they were elected to do, stop the spending, but they are being thwarted by an over reaching President who, rather than compromise would rather try and score political points.

Steve Fouga

I don't know Mr Pappous personally, but he has consistently shown that he does play well with others -- firm but not overbearing. That's why I was taken aback by his column.

I know it's popular in Galveston County for politicians (and bloggers) to whale on the Left, because it plays well with the strong local base. But it's unbecoming, sort of like bullying a child. No need for it.

Norman Pappous

Funny that I am so partisan when my last column praised Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and suggested both sides of the aisle follow her lead on student loan funding...


GW Cornelius

I only know old Norm from council meetings I see on TV but he obviously has no desire to bring people together or do the right thing.

George Croix

Says the anonymous cheap shot artist.

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