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Ray Taft

Whitaker's take on the County Bond Election is that it's not good for cities. If it's bad for cites it must be really, really bad for the unincorporated areas.

Whitaker is typical of many in Galveston County, they only focus on the cities as if there are no unincorporated areas. Cities have advocates with the county, unincorporated areas have squat.

Gary Miller

Why should a county bond issue be for cities. It would seem reasonable for the cities to have their own bond elections. Some of this county bond will be used for county issues in some cities.

Ron Shelby

Mr Whitaker is a little backwards. The priority for a "County" bond issue is to work on those items which are the direct responsibility of the county such as buildings, county roads, and items in unincorporated areas. In order to convince voters in incorporated areas (cities) to vote for the bond, projects of interest directly to cities are added to the issues. Counties have statutory limits as to what projects they can raise funds for, and work on in city limits. If cities want more money for projects, they need to step up and issue bonds themselves.

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