Please vote for Jim Yarbrough for mayor. Here’s why:

Jim can move Galveston forward as a consensus builder dedicated to improved city hall morale and employee capacity for efficient service in all departments — public works, transit, planning and permitting, etc.

Jim’s diplomacy and positive, open willingness to listen, cooperate and partner with other public and private entities to solve problems will win the respect of the county, state and federal agencies we need to complete our recovery and restore Galveston’s credibility.

Jim’s 16 years as county judge leave a record of accomplishments: the Galveston County Justice Center, the renewed Galvez Mall site, the Lowe’s site, the state-of-the-art Emergency Management complex on the mainland. Under Jim’s leadership, the county commission partnered with Galveston in funding for city infrastructure, economic development projects such as Pelican Island and port improvements, Evia, Palisade Palms and more.

With his professional, organizational skills, team-building approach, positive vision for Galveston’s future and ability to foster good will, we can look forward to an Ike Dike, bridges to Pelican Island, affordable housing, better-paying jobs, East End Flats development, sustainable, safe neighborhoods, and quality education attracting families to live and work on the island.

Vote. Your vote counts.

Former Mayor

Lyda Ann Thomas


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Bill Quiroga

Jet, another comedian speaks.

Three past Galveston mayors are supporting Yarbrough, why? It’s simple, big money!

For the past 10 years Galveston has hit a stone wall thanks to these mayors. Who will benefit? Why are these past mayors supporting Yarbrough?

Mayor Thomas, please look at today’s full page ad about Yarbrough, these are facts and not just flat statements.

1. Mayor Thomas during Hurricane Ike, a disaster.
2. Mayor Jarowarski public housing issues a disaster. (He did past a chicken ordinance).
3. Mayor Rosen Flip Flop on the housing issues and now waiting for the court decision. (Not running for re-election, Hummmmm)

This is not leadership or good management. What Galveston needs is leadership not opportunists.

Robert Young

GLTN, Having been there Mayor Thomas knows a little more about the City of Galveston than you or I, . I'm going with her and the others mayors who have been in the game, not some cheerleader who may be sleeping with one who wants to be coach.

Steve Fouga

justaman, you must be one of those folks who believes whatever the guy in charge says. Never questions the boss. Never complains about obvious mistakes, just gives 'em a pass.

Galveston has been mismanaged and misled for years. A classic case of underachievement.

Jim Yarbrough is nothing but a really good example of the same old guy. Sure, Thomas, Jaworski and Rosen were different from each other in detail, but they were all the same at their core: pro-business, taxpayer-be-damned, old-school, entrenched Galveston aristocracy.

We need someone more vibrant, and different from the old school, like Elizabeth Beeton.

George Croix

Question might well be where in that game they were?

I always got a laugh post-emerg response out of the station house heroes who never left it, but were the loudest voices about 'what happened', and of course the vital role they played as 'part of the team'...
Well, truth be told, they were right.
The little screw that holds the tailight ground wire to the truck frame DOES have it's part in the performance of the vehicle....

Robert Young

Interesting comparison. .screw that holds the tailight?
Has nothing to do with the driver or the engine..
Don't think I would have chosen that but EVERYONE has an opinion
and everyone is entitled to one. ..But then there is only one reality..
JY is the proven best choice. .These current candidates can't agree on anything
JY built the new courthouse .. worked with the city and MADE it happen
That is proof enough ..He gets it..Galveston will be a better place for all..

George Croix

How many realities are there if the subject is bankruptcies?

Robert Young

I know that you want to bootstrap citizens bank bankruptcy to Jy but he didn't make all the loans or decisions in all locations or control the nations economy in those days..What he was responsible for as the CEO of Galveston county was one of the most successful growths in county history without a scandal and reelected 4 times.
You want to blame him for his coworkers and employer? Is that fair or just Galveston county poiitics?

Jarvis Buckley

Gltn-01 I like the way you think. Beeton for mayor.

George Croix

I didn't blame anybody for anything.
I asked a question.
What I would like is all issues related to the potential leader(s) of a city to be in play, and a fair assessment of them you said.
With that, since you say that the candidate was part of a team and as such is not responsible for bankruptcies when he did not make all loans and decisions, and did not control a bad national economy, then it seems only fair that you NOT give so much credit to that same candidate for the building of a justice center that he was part of a team coordinating, did not make all of the decisions and plans for, and had nothing to do with a good national economy.
You want to give him credit for 'building' what was clearly the accumulated efforts of many hundreds of workers, employees, and taxpayers?
Is that fair, too, or just county politics?
I'm going with a 'no', it isn't, and a maybe.
Personally, I like team players a lot more in politics than stand alone entities.
The lone ranger we have right now in DC like that is hardly a role model for good governance....
For Galveston's sake, I hope whomever wins does an exemplary job.

George Croix

So much for 'bootstraps'...

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