At election time, gardens of political signs bloom across the landscape. Their variety indicates the amount of money, or “fertilizer,” applied by the candidate. Sniff these blooming placards cautiously.

Since these agencies proudly proclaim themselves “public servants,” one would expect a pleasant experience. This hasn’t been so since 1959, when “public servants” became free to unionize. Emancipation was via unions, humongous voting power and access to the inexhaustible public coffers filled by the unending stream of new fees and taxes.

The emancipated “public servant” has become the cocky public employee.

Why cocky? They are secure behind the shields of eminent domain and union lawyers. These are the same shields that kept communism and the Soviet Union in existence until the money ran out.

Though appealing, let’s not elect any more lawyers to public office. They dominate the federal and state legislatures, write the laws and are the judges that render decisions that clog the courts with appeals.

Law school is where you learn to discard all ethics in pursuit of a win. Lawyers rationalize morals, ethics and truth as encumbrances to winning. Those big billboards on Interstate 45 clarify what lawyers are about: money.

Vote wisely!

David Hardee

Bayou Vista

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