This morning we let our lab, Sadie, and our maltipoo, Brandi, out for their morning run and only our lab came back.

We immediately started looking for Brandi and at the end of our circle there is a ditch, and we saw lots of blood and guts.

We started looking along the fence line, which is covered like a forest, and about 30 yards into the bushes was our dead maltipoo.

People need to be aware in this area as there are many small dogs in our neighborhood. We are so very heartbroken — just want others to be aware of this tragic accident so close to home.

Melanie and Malcolm Mencacci


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Chris Gimenez

I feel very sorry for your loved pet that you let down by allowing it to run free. Whether it's a coyote or a car or just someone who doesn't like dogs doesn't really matter-the poor animal trusted you to keep it safe. It was not an accident. You intentionally let it out for "its morning run".

Jim Forsythe

Nice of You to get on someone who has a lost and is just telling others so they can take steps needed!
Sorry for Your loss, not like some others who only think of themselves.

Chris Gimenez

Well Bigjim, I feel more sorry for the poor little dog that was ripped to shreds by whatever. At this point, if someone in Galveston has a pulse and doesn't know there are coyotes who will eat their small pets then you have to wonder really how concerned they were for their animals.

Even in Bayou Vista there have been coyote sightings and a homeowner in Omega Bay actually took a picture of one in his driveway. Since my yard isn't fenced and I have neighbor with some pit bulls who get out, my small dogs are always on a leash when they go out and I always have a little coyote/pit bull repellent on me. Sorry if I sound unsympathetic about this couple's loss but at some point you have to realize who's at fault for what happened and that it was the little dog who we should feel sorry for.

Robert Buckner

Is it just assumed a coyote? I couldn't tell from the story. I'm saddened for your loss.

Steve Fouga

I'm also surprised, along with Robert, that nowhere in the story is a coyote mentioned. I've been told by the GDN that the paper titles letters to the editor, not the person writing the letter.

A coyote definitely makes sense; after all, they're common in Texas. A brilliantly adaptable animal, equally at home in a desert, in a swamp, in the mountains, and in Galveston.

I'm saddened about the loss of a pet, but seriously, I wish people wouldn't let their animals roam free. I learned my lesson years ago when our beloved cat was hit by a car. Never again did I let a pet go unconstrained or unattended when outside the fence.

Jarvis Buckley

Sorry for your loss, we all know how hurt you are , just ignore some of the mean spirited comments.

Albert Redmond

Loss of a beloved pet is truly a heart-breaking experience. I'm so sorry that you have been deprived of your loving little companion.

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