Education was the topic of discussion at the local breakfast club in Galveston that I attended on a recent Sunday morning. Dr. Myles Shelton, president of Galveston College, informed us about the new proposal for a 4-year degree plan at the college.

This is a step in the right direction so that we will not in the future have to close factories because capable maintenance staff are not available. When I was recently at a factory in California, a component that an apprentice could have made in a day had to be ordered from a Swiss factory, which took 10 days.

We need to consider the following questions: Do all students have an education path tailored to their ability? Is education the highest priority or are extracurricular activities more important? Are all schools facilities administrated efficiently without wasteful spending? Are the teachers paid correctly? Finally, will the next generation be brain-dead from teaching to the next test instead of developing their ability to think.

Vote for Johnny Smecca for the Galveston school board. He is an entrepreneur who knows where to start and how to get things done.

Willi Luthy



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