As the Dow Jones Industrial Average floats near record highs, the people who most needed President Barack Obama’s help are still disenfranchised and floating at the bottom of the economic barrel. 

President Obama promised change. 

Yet six years later, young African-Americans still are poverty-stricken and have some of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. 

With almost two-thirds of Americans unhappy with our chief executive officer, the general thought is that we will be a little bit more selective in choosing our next president — and not elect the person with the best speeches and rhetoric. 

As times seem to get tougher and tougher for so many, and those in the middle class are finding a hard time recovering what they have lost in the financial meltdown, the idea of continuing to believe President Obama’s false promises rubs the general public the wrong way. 

May God continue to shine his blessings upon our great nation and may those in need be provided for.

America still has great things to accomplish. 

We will pick up our feet and do them.


Clarence Cope

Texas City

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Carlos Ponce

Great letter Clarence. There are still some in this state who are swayed by a slick campaign and a clever slogan. But thank goodness Texans aren't as easily manipulated. The actual unemployment rate for the United States is 12.2% (U6) but this does not get widely reported. Instead they report the U3 Unemployment number of 6.2%.

George Croix

To be fair, ALL of the politicians report the 'employment happy facts' when it suits them...that doesn't stop people who care to know the truth from finding out they're BS'g us about it.
But, that's one way to get an instant replay of a failed first game.
HOWEVER, I must disagree with the author (or, at least the GDN article title writer).
President Obama HAS delivered on his MAIN promise - the one to 'fundamentally change' what he called 'the greatest nation the world has ever known'.
Fundamentally change the greatest nation the world has ever known.....
Fooled us twice, shame on us.......

Evelyn Clark

Please do not forget the DO_NOTHING GROUP (HOUSE). IMPEACH the president one day and the next day says he need to use his POWELL for the KIDS crossing the border. KIDS should be treated like kids. Remember our fore fathers were imagrants also remember Cruz dad who was not from the GOOD OLD USA..
Texan was fool by a govenor who could say OOPS ][beam] [beam] [beam]

George Croix

The U.S. House has NOT called for the impeachment of President Obama.
That prevarication is being promulgated by the usual purveyors of pap.

Carlos Ponce

Do nothing? It is the Democratic Senate who went on vacation knowing full well that the House was on the verge of passing immigration legislation. Now the Bill has to sit there while Harry Reid parties. And Harry will probably not let the bill go to committee once vacation time is over.
Allowing these children to stay will encourage more to try to come to the United States. All you hear is stories of those who make it but not of the many who DIE in the attempt, or of the young girls raped on their way to the border, nor of the thousands dumped by their "Coyotes" in Mexico once payment is made. There are graves of children in Mexico who didn't make it along with bodies along the banks of the Rio Grande. Where is your compassion for those children? Think of the consequences of allowing the current group of children to stay.

Chris Gimenez

mytoby, did you finish high school? Your posts suggest you did not. But then again, your president cut his teeth on recruiting low information voters to drink his Kool-Aid.

Evelyn Clark

Dear bvresident for your information. Yes to your Question. Education has nothing to with you calling the president BOY each chance you get.. I had a feeling you were one old rich REPUBLICIAN that cannot stand the thought of a BLACK MAN being commander and chief.. You can only write on paper about things that you would not dare stand up in PUBLIC and say with any BLACK person around. I did not have to go to school to I know when a Person is being a JACK - - - .

You have a nice day, I have. [beam] [beam] [beam]

Jim Forsythe

`Just 12 more days that the Congress will be working until midterm elections.
The House made sure the Senate was going to be in recess so they could use
it as a fact that the Senate left town. The House members will use this for their campaigns
"House Rejects Senate Highway Trust Fund Patch as Deadline Looms and sent its original bill back to the upper chamber. The vote was 271-149`in the final hours before Congress breaks for its August recess."
The Senate is no better then the House as they both play politics in the way they conduct themselves.Just as with the immigration mess no one wants to be the one's to compromise..

As for impeachment of the President, there is some talk if the lawsuit against the President is successful this will be next step

Carlos Ponce

"The House made sure the Senate was going to be in recess so they could use
it as a fact that the Senate left town." Conjecture, not fact.
"As for impeachment of the President, there is some talk if the lawsuit against the President is successful this will be next step." Again, more conjecture, the talk comes from the Democratic Party to raise money.
My Conjecture: With little time left in Obama's tenure, an impeachment attempt would only serve as a rallying point for the Democratic Party for the 2016 Presidential elections and paint the Republican party in a bad light. And who really wants to see Uncle Joe as President? NOBODY DOES!

Jim Forsythe

The way I was using left town was
Synonyms: wash one's hand of, skip out on, run out on. Not that they were no longer in DC.
Where I grow up we used it this way all the time If it meant something else to You, my bad..

J. Shaffer

"With conservatives threatening to withhold support, top leaders abruptly withdrew border security legislation Thursday afternoon and announced plans to leave Washington without acting. Infuriated, several GOP moderates confronted Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on the House floor, forcing them to recalibrate and cancel plans to begin the recess."

George Croix

Despite the fact that it's almost impossible to imagine a scenario by which this Presidency coud be any worse than it is, the one that pops into mind is if 'Two Blast' Biden were to be President. Actually, worse than that would be that idiot Pelosi, but fortunately she's unlikley to be in the succession anytime soon. I'd say a Boehner Presidency, as third in line, would be only somewhat less bad than Pelosi, mostly better by lack of spastic hand gestures, and by not being a 'progressive'.
The impeachment talk has two primary source points, neither of which come from anyone or anyplace with any power, or willingness, to do so:
1) Sarah Palin, who is just trying to keep herself on the news, and who commands nothing except the attention of a lot of people who refused to vote for Mitt Romney last election, thus DIRECTLY causing the re-election of Barack Obama. Not much of a positive there.
2) The DNC, which, under Wasserman-Schultz, carries on the tradition of low standards of honesty, and high standards of lying for donations.
Nothing like riling up the 'base' by talking impeachment to get that butter and egg money rolling in.
BOTH are the talk of idiots. Our world standing is already lower than whale poop after the apology tour, and the foreign policy defined by 'leading from behind'. Impeachment would make us the complete laughing stock of the planet, and besides that, accomplish NOTHING.

Personally, as much as I despise what this charicature of a President has done to this country in such a short time, I don't want him impeached.
I just want him to get his head out of his rear, and his nose out of the air after that, and actually BE a President. And act Presidential. And learn to govern, like in American government, not Venezuelan. And actually do what Presidents are supposed to do...use their Leader of the Nation position to negotiate, build concensus, and compromise.
In 29 months, a LOT of good can possibly be done, or...none.
Mr. President, how about helping the citizens, rather than the illegals...and, yourself....

Chris Gimenez

gecroix, Sarah Palin has proven herself to be vastly more informed about domestic and foreign affairs than the boy president. She inspires hard-working taxpayers as opposed to the almost catatonic campaign put on by Romney and the entitlement and dependency philosophy of your president. We absolutely could not have done worse with Palin as VP but unfortunately that would have meant the Rino McCain would have been President.

As for bigjim's breathless statements about the possibility of impeaching the Liar-in-Chief, the real cries of impeachment are coming from the Left because it's election time and they don't have anything more promises or new entitlements they can offer their low information base.

George Croix

Being more informed and less clueless than President Obama is a very low bar to have to hop over. Inspiration is great, if it accomplishes anything.
We could have had a 5 year old girl poke her finger at a random name in a national phone directory, and chose THAT person as President, and not have been worse than what we got. So, it's certainly no biggy for Palin to do it. I soured real fast on Palin when she walked off the job SHE was elected to do. If you're gonna preach responsibility, then show some yourself.
I know where the cries about impeachment are mostly coming from, and I know that the usual easily suckered base are lapping it up. Demonization and divisiveness for personal gain have been the hallmarks of this Administration and it's sycophants from Day One, staring with 'I won'.
I'm not a referee and really don't care who likes who, in real life or these internet contrived reality forums, but I will say that for me personally I know Jim (Bigjim) to be an honorable person, tenacious and dogged in what he believes. Just because we see a lot of things differently, does not remove my respect for him after years of working together. It does nobody any good at all to try to influnece me to another opinion of that.
I count the man as a friend, and I hope that's reciprocal.
Besides, a man in my face is better to me than the forum trolls behind the back, or further down.....[wink]

Loretta Davis

"boy" ????????

Jim Forsythe

Read my last post bvresidentnt .Please, he is Your President unless You have moved out of country and gave up Your Citizenship. Get rid of all, and start over in DC. They are all worms.
George, thanks for kind words and same goes for You.


I found out Pelosi wants to dialog with Qatar, who is on the list of terrorist states kept by the United States. Anyway, Pelosi allegedly told some in Washington that Qatar told her over and over that HAMAS is a humanitarian organization.
Well Nancy, they are not, and you should know better! It must be some cheap thrill to have a terrorist organization or one who supports terror to plead and booble-jive you! I suppose it like doing something bad and hoping someone catches you,....while receiving an astronomical "RUSH"....while doing it! [smile]

Jim Forsythe

I can see the people and groups listed below try to impeach. They then can say they tried to impeach but rest didn't have the guts to do so. Will impeachment happen, I don't see it.

The South Dakota Republican Party state convention passed
a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama Saturday (July 2014)

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Calls for Obama’s Impeachment (oCT 2013)

A number of House Republicans have also called for Obama's impeachment, including Reps. Lou Barletta (Pa.), Kerry Bentivolio (Mich.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Michael Burgess (Texas), Jason Chaffetz (Utah), Blake Farenthold (Texas), Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and Louie Gohmert (Texas).(Jul 9, 2014 1:18PM ET)

Carlos Ponce

Don't worry Bigjim, Mr. Obama will not be impeached. As George Bush would say "it wouldn't be prudent". [beam]

Jim Forsythe

Did I say I was worried about him being impeached. Get ride of him and the rest of the lot . This includes all in DC. This get buzzy and send them packing. Dems. Rep, Tea Party.

Jim Forsythe

Carlos this was my take Will impeachment happen, I don't see it
. I didn't say I was for or against impeachment.. I'm for getting rid of all.

J. Shaffer

Maybe instead of suing the president for overreaching (while claiming he should overreach on immigration and act without Congress) many are considering 'obstructionist' to by synonymous with 'Republican'.

This immediately brings claims that Democrats are the ones dragging their feet, that they 'had control and did nothing'.

Let's talk about the Nuclear Option. In November of 2013, Republicans managed to change the rules, requiring a sixty vote majority to pass a bill instead of the usual simple majority. This three-fifths rule allowed them to block the following legislation:

The Teachers and First Responders Back to Work Program

The Fair Pay Act (failed twice)

The Affordable Student Loan Act (twice)

The Bring Jobs Home Bill, rewarding companies that bring employment BACK from outsourcing.

The Small Business Jobs Act

The Act to Disclose Political Donors (twice)

The Act to Repeal Big Oil Subsidies

The Fair Share Bill - taxing millionaires and billionaires at 30% (twice)

And the Dream Act

I could go on...... but I think that you get the point.

George Croix

"Let's talk about the Nuclear Option. In November of 2013, Republicans managed to change the rules, requiring a sixty vote majority to pass a bill instead of the usual simple majority. This three-fifths rule allowed them to block the following legislation:"
In November, 2013, the Nuclear Option was put into effect by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D) Nevada, as he unilaterally changed the rules of the Senate requiring a 60 vote majority (the Three Fifths Rule - this was a Senate rule, not a House rule, as three fifths of the House would be around 320 or so people) to end a filibuster, requiring now only 51 votes, which had, and has, the practical effect of no longer allowing the minority Party to block nominations made by POTUS and his appointments to the federal judiciary. The primary reason Harry did so at the time was to advance POTUS nominees, three, to the D.C. Circuit Court, and thus make it a majority liberal court. An exception was left in place for Supreme Court nominees, who still require the 60 vote threshhold to end a filibuster, as does proposed legislation. At least, at this time they're still excepted.
I'm afraid I DON'T 'get the point'...of how Republicans changed the rules on anything in a Senate, in November 2013, in which they only hold 45 seats, and Democrats hold 53, with 2 Independents who vote with the Democrats. And, the only way Republicans could block anything in the Senate is to have Democrats peel off from their ranks and join Republicans in doing so.
Which is one reason Harry Reid won't even allow debate on literally hundreds of Republicans legislative bills sitting moribund in the Senate for weeks to months to years now, as he KNOWS some of them would PASS if brought to a vote, because some Dems would vote for them with Republicans. It's not a secret.
Evidently, though, this change in November 2013 by 'Republicans' vis-a-vis the Nulcear Option is one helluva secret - in fact, I don't think anybody else knows about it.
Even them...

J. Shaffer

Gosh, why would the Democrats change the rules? Because Republicans have openly vowed to filibuster every single nominee, every single bill to oppose the President.

The unprecedented use of the filibuster has completely crippled Washington. Yes, Democrats used them during the Bush era, but Republicans seem to know no other politics than obstruction.

As an example from today's news:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators blocked an election-year bill Wednesday to limit tax breaks for U.S. companies that move operations overseas.

The bill would have prohibited companies from deducting expenses related to moving their operations to a foreign country. It also would have offered tax credits to companies that move operations to the U.S. from a foreign country.

The Senate voted 54-42 to end debate on the bill, six short of the 60 votes needed to advance it. The White House says President Barack Obama supports the legislation.

Carlos Ponce

And Nurse Jayne you cut off the second half of the news report. Gee, I wonder why? Published July 30, 2014 Associated Press
"Republicans called the bill an election-year stunt. They noted that Democrats tried to pass a similar bill two years ago, right before the last congressional elections.
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said the bill is "designed for campaign rhetoric and failure, not to create jobs here in the U.S."
Republicans also complained that Reid wouldn't allow any amendments. The legislation now joins a growing number of bills that have stalled in the Senate this year because Democrats and Republicans couldn't agree on amendments.
The bill would have cost U.S. companies that move overseas $143 million in additional taxes over the next decade, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, which analyzes tax legislation for Congress. Companies moving into the U.S. would have seen their tax bills drop by $357 million over the same period.
The difference -- $214 million -- would have been added to the budget deficit."

George Croix

It was YOUR statement, Nurse, in your 9:46 pm Sun posting that Republicans invoked the Nuclear Option in Nonember, 2013, to avoid passing bills, which statement was not correct. Not even close. Not even the right Party who did the invoking.
Because that was bassackwards, I corrected it.
Anyway, have you even read or glanced over the high points of any of those 'bills' that were shot down that you listed? Truth in Advertising is not a politicians stock in trade.
Or, is it 'obstruction' just because POTUS supports something, and the opposition does not? Obstruction to want GOVERNING, where you hash out differences, and not a monarchy? You do realize that Congress, both houses of it, are CO-EQUAL Constitutional partners with the Executive Branch, do you not. CO-EQUAL means they have as much say as the President, and that's precisely why they, too, are elected, just like POTUS, not crowned.
C'mon - one indicator of political BS by them all is ANY bill taking about cost cutting, or affordability. Government is never cheaper than private enterprise, and after the ACA, 'affordable' should be an automatic indicator that the Bog Lie is in. Period.

George Croix

"And, the only way Republicans could block anything in the Senate is to have Democrats peel off from their ranks and join Republicans in doing so."
The word 'BLOCK' should have been 'PASS."

Time for one last Diet Coke....

Kevin Lang

I find it kind of interesting that the "Nuclear Option" seemed like a good idea to Republicans (and bad to Democrats) in 2005, but in 2013 the tables turned. Who wants to bet that if the Republicans take back the Senate in 2015 that there won't be a vote to repeal the "Nuclear Option"?

George Croix

Did the Republicans USE it in 2005?
It's one thing to bluff, it's another to grab the pot, kick over the table, then run out of the room...
I certainly HOPE our newly sworn in Republican Senate majority in January 2015 puts the nuclear option back into it's lead lined case.
The Senate is supposed to be a place of debate and reflection - the cold water poured on House exuberance. It's not supposed to be an automatic rubber stamp for POTUS nominees and federal judicial appointments...any POTUS. It's also the place that has traditionally allowed some say by whatever Party is in the minority by virtue of it's rules, some arcane, and designed to stall, but it's worked reasonably well for, oh, a couple centuries plus.
BUT, what is most likely to happen, is payback.
I don't like that, but you don't get to run off at the mouth almost daily and insult and demonize people to hide your own inability to actually govern, at any level, and then get a pass.
What's LIKELY to happen?
The Democrats are likely to RETAIN the Senate majority.
Because, as is already showing, the Republicans cannot stand to settle on one candidate and back that person. The petty little purification rituals that each bunch of them have to protect their personal ideology will cause split votes and/or sitting out, and in that manner they will, just like when they re-elected Barack Obama by ommission, help harry keep his jopb.
AND, as usual, the Libertarians and Independents will peel off conservative votes, even the ones who have less chance to win than the devil's own snowball, and help hand the majority back to the Dems.
You'd think repetitive failures would help people learn, but, noooooooooooo...

Kevin Lang

I'll remember that should I ever try to use a "threat" during security screening at the airport.

Don't threaten something unless you have an intent to go through with it. Apparently, in 2005, the threat was considered significant enough and imminent enough to prompt the Gang of 14 to push for a compromise.

I agree that the best things to be done would be for the Senate to repeal the petty Nuclear Option, and also for the Senate to just agree to use the filibuster and other procedural means to delay or avoid a vote to go back to significant matters of principal, not just as means to push petty agendas. Quoting Dr. Seuss is fine, as long as the passages you choose have relevance to the subject of discussion. If people don't understand the relevance, stop and explain. and then continue your filibuster.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 8:01 pm on Sat, Aug 2, 2014:

BVresident "the anti-intellectual" -

Au contraire....a statistically large sector of Mr. Obama's voters are the high-level thinking intellectual bloc who hold advanced masters and doctorate degrees. They are not suspicious "nativists" who cling to the old days of the "good ol boy" way of running organizations.

Quite a few folks have called you on referring to our President as "boy". That is demeaning and racist to non-White populace. You do know that, don't you?

Chris Gimenez

"Please do not forget the DO_NOTHING GROUP (HOUSE). IMPEACH the president one day and the next day says he need to use his POWELL for the KIDS crossing the border. KIDS should be treated like kids. Remember our fore fathers were imagrants also remember Cruz dad who was not from the GOOD OLD USA..
Texan was fool by a govenor who could say OOPS" (mytoby)

Yes Servitude, I see exactly what you mean by high-level thinkers and advanced degrees being the norm for the girly-man supporters. You have an amazing capacity for substantiating your views.[lol]

Lars Faltskog

Obama promises that have been delivered:

1. ended war in Iraq and eliminated terrorist leader(s),
2. as executor in chief, has led country in social progress for gay/lesbian populace,
3. continues to work for environmental progress, i.e.
a. standards for measurements regarding mercury emissions for cleaner air
b. fuel standards for cars/light trucks
c. currently we are lowest in foreign oil dependence since more than a decade
d. broadened land/water/wilderness conservation.

Carlos Ponce

In "ending" the war in Iraq he created more terrorists. ISIS is now killing all Christians and destroying religious antiquities. Do we give Obama credit for the rise of ISIS? If he "ended" the war in Iraq then why is he sending more troops there?
The environmental issues you mention will have no impact on the environment.
The lower oil dependence is due to individual states' efforts, little Obama did in this field.
If you want to give him credit for changes in LGBT status on the Federal level I'll grant that to you. There are only 3.8% of Americans who identify as LGBT. An even smaller amount are effected by Obama's actions.

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, those are spectacular promises kept indeed! After five years, $7 TRILLION in additional debt, after more scandals and deleted emails than you can shake a stick at, after putting 17 MILLION more people on food stamps, after lying to the public dozens of times about how you could keep your doctor and your healthcare plan and then MILLIONS more were kicked off than newly enrolled in the UACA, after fraud has become the norm for his administration, after doubling the unemployment rate of blacks since President Bush left office, after issuing one "red line" after another only to slink back from his threats, after using the IRS to target political opponents, after widening and fomenting the greatest racial divide this country has seen in my lifetime, after decimating our military and lying to the veterans about how he was going to make sure the VA was going to provide the care they earned, after encouraging the illegal immigration of the worst gangland criminals to ever set up shop in the U.S. and turning our Border Patrol into babysitters, and after trashing our economy beyond anything imaginable, I have taken the comments of bigjim, mytoby, pflinn, servitude, and the rest of the Left to heart. From this point forward he will no longer be the boy president; he will now be the girly-man president, our metrosexual messiah, our job-killing, entitlement-loving president for the ages.

Someone said recently that our girly-man president should start his own restaurant-because Vladimir Putin and the ISIS terrorists are eating his lunch every day.[beam]

Lars Faltskog

Well, BVResident -
You appear to have issues with the African-American race and with gays/lesbians/transgenders, et cetera.

"Girly-man President"? Lesson not learned. I think you need prayer, and here's hopes that when you enter your "twilight" years (if you haven't already) that you will realize that life's too short to worry about the differences in the human race and equating them with "left" vs "right". Remember that someday your children and grandchildren may want to visit you, but probably much less so if they have always perceived you as a crusty old rigid gentleman.

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, I'd ask you to support your hateful and inflammatory diatribe with facts but since you haven't done it yet and you still cower behind anonymity I suppose you aren't going to start acting like a man at this point.

Your statements are the modus operandi of the extremist Left and I'm used to it. When you people can't bluster and lie your way through an argument you turn to the tried and true standby-baseless accusations of racism.

The facts are stubborn-this president is immature, in my opinion he's cowardly in the face of foreign terror threats, he's a chronic liar, he's a narcissist, he despises this country and all it stands for, he believes in placing as many citizens-legal and illegal-on entitlements as possible, he's destroyed our healthcare system and our economy, he's doubled the number of blacks on unemployment, he's worsened the racial divide with his hate speech and false accusations, and he can't leave office soon enough.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 8:20 am on Tue, Aug 12, 2014:

Lesson for BevoResident not learned again. I still wonder, and I've asked you several times...why would you with a Hispanic surname want to align yourself with the Republicans, knowing they have a pitiful track record with Hispanics. Here's another question: Do you have any grandchildren who found a mate of a different race or political stance? Do you talk to them like you do on these forums? Have you listened to them when they indeed delineate the successes of the Obama presidency? That is, do you keep an open mind?

Chris Gimenez

I made a response regarding my name and why I vote with the party of Responsibility rather than the Entitlement Party. Go back and look for it.

The "successes" you continue to falsely state you are delineating are trivial, unsubstantiated, and proof positive that you and the EP have absolutely nothing to showcase about your world-dividing, race-baiting, hateful, politically-inept messiah. You are symbolic of the low-information voters who shun personal responsibility in return for government control of your lives.

Kevin Lang

I hope we're beyond the point where we think that people of certain types need to belong to certain parties. There's a lot more that factors into our decision processes than racial background. If being a Conservative Republican floats bvresident's boat, that's fine. As long as he's OK with others having differing opinions for differing reasons, and is willing to accept that we believe our rationale to also be valid, I can't ask for more. Now, I'm not so sure that he does think that anyone else's opinion, when it differs from his, is valid, but I guess that's something for him to resolve.

Chris Gimenez

One thing about me is certain Lang. If I say something everyone knows where I stand and what my opinion is. When you say something you spend the next 2000 words telling everyone they don't understand what you're saying. I've never said someone else's viewpoint isn't valid. It's valid to them. My opinion is valid to me. I don't agree with virtually anything coming from the extremist Left on this forum and I don't care if they agree with any of my views. That is the state of political divide that your messiah president has brought to this country.

I bet you're a hoot to have in a meeting where important decisions must be made and you keep going round and round with endless what-if's and possiblies and maybes and every other manner of indecision. Come to think of it, that's exactly the way Obama approaches his position.

Kevin Lang

bvresident, stick to what you know. You know nothing about me and my real life and work performance. Don't pretend you do.

I've known for years not to pretend to know things I don't, not to pretend to know more than I do, and not to pretend that what I know is more valid than what others know. I willingly share what I know and believe. I also willingly listen to, and accept where applicable, what others know and believe. If you don't like that, fine.

Chris Gimenez

Modest aren't you? I must have touched a nerve.

Kevin Lang

Probably from patting yourself on your back, or kissing your own backside, I suppose.

Paula Flinn

Missed all of this, as I was outta' town.

sverige 1, this will be Pres. Obama's Legacy:

1 Signed into law an economic plan that saved America from a depression, restored growth, and created or saved as many as 3.6 million jobs.

2. Signed into law landmark health insurance reform that holds insurance companies accountable, gives people and small businesses greater control of health care, and improves the quality of health care for all Americans.

3. Fought against Wall Street lobbyists to sign into law historic consumer protections and financial reforms that shield American families from unfair lending practices from credit card and mortgage companies, rein in the excesses of Wall Street, and work to prevent future financial crises.

4. Reformed the college loan system by ending subsidies to banks and using the money to make college more affordable. He also invested in community colleges that are providing Americans with the skills they need to succeed in today's economy.

5. Rescued the American auto industry, which saved millions of American jobs and helped GM and Chrysler become profitable again while repaying taxpayers.

6. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which makes it possible for individuals to serve in the military regardless of their sexual orientation.

7. Helped women get the equal pay they deserve by signing into law the Lilly Ledbetter Act.

8. Ended the war in Iraq, initiated a responsible drawdown of forces in Afghanistan, and ordered the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

George Croix

Double coverage? No problem:
Double back......[wink]

1) 'Saved America from another Great Depression' is verbiage from a press release issued by the White House itself. The first stimulus was actually set in motion under Pres. Bush, who, as a courtesy to the incoming newly elected Obama Admin., delayed signing so that the new Pres. could do so, who promptly left out any mention of that. Since then, the second 'stimulus' money remains largely unaccounted for and a great deal of it went to Admin. donors and backers, and the economy after 5 1/2 years of Pres. Obama economic policies went into negative territory by 2.9% last quarter, as real unemployment stays at near 12%.
2) The ACA 'reform' is in such a state of flux, that so far the promises of what you can keep if you want to have proven to be willful, known lies. The costs have gone up substantially, not down, for people paying for their own medical care, and the access to doctors and hospitals has been reduced, not expanded. A 'child' is now a 26 year old, hardly an improvement, and is mainly to cover the lack of jobs under Admin. policies and thus the terrible unemployment rates for younger Americans. And, to date, the ACA's back end, where payments are made and records kept, remains unfinished, and is currently leaving millions in the lurch for whether they even have coverage, how to get subsidies, whether the insurance companies can get paid, etc. It's a 'reform that's a debacle, to date, having made a hugely bigger mess of the mess it sought to eliminate.
3) Simpson-Bowles, well-intentioned, has hardly led to 'fiscal responsibility', and has been largely used as a tool of political ideology. As in the current gutting of our military forces to lowest levels since pre-WWII. And the federal debt has certainly shown no tendency to 'responsibility', having increased over 7 trillion bucks and climbing. The use of 'executive orders' to not just get around the law, but to actually ignore or even alter laws, by the Executive, unilaterally, have made S-B pretty much meaningless. While credit card fees were lowered and more transparency was required, actual credit card interest rates increased about 2% by 2013, and interest rates on some other consumer credit went up, too, comparatively. The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 was on its surface well intentioned, but in the Admin.s' perpetually down economy and with the business crushing effects of the ACA, the actual benefits to small business have been overwhelmed.
4) The 'student loan program overhaul' is unequally applied, encourages students to borrow more than they are likely to ever repay, makes it easier to avoid repaying or be forgiven if they don't, thus screwing taxpayers footing the loans. Student loans are now in the trillions, creating yet another titanic unfunded future taxpayer obligation.
5) Ford didn't need to be 'saved'. And GM still owes taxpayers billions, and is back in deep trouble already again with its latest mess ups. And Chrysler, after taking two federal bailouts over the years, sold out to Italian FIAT, as its way of thanking the American taxpayers.
6) Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was an order signed into law by Pres. Clinton, hardly a flaming conservative, who agreed that the mission of the military was national security, not political correctness.
7) Pres. Obama pays women in his own Administration an average of 13% less than the men.
8) Iraq has descended into chaos because the President did not listen to his Generals, and now we have boots on the ground there again, and will have for the foreseeable future,. ISIS has established a radical islamist caliphate that encompasses much of Iraq and Syria due to no intervention and the feckless POTUS lead from behind policy like the 'Red Line in Syria. In Afghanistan 3 out of 4 combat deaths have occurred on Obama's watch and now he's trying to leave there, too, ignoring his Generals, again. The final dispatch of OBL took place 10 years after the hunt started in earnest in 2001, and was ONLY accomplished because of the intial use of interrogation that Obama and the Dems decry as 'torture, then expanded on by the CIA spy network, and local informants. It's not fair to bad mouth it, then take full credit when it works out for you.

Whoever is making up those lists of 'accomplishments' needs to get new glasses, or perhaps take a reality check...

Lars Faltskog

Response to pflinn posted at 9:00 am on Sat, Aug 16, 2014:

Obama might very well complete the top 10 of best Presidents, and your itemized analysis is ready to be inked onto the History books for future generations to appreciate.

As for geocroix and the belittling of the bail outs of the car companies: Well, it was Bush "Shrub" #2 and his administration who initially wanted to launch this bailout b/c he didn't want to be perceived as another "Herbert Hoover" before he left office. "Shrub" knew that he needed to initiate moves to help the auto industry, b/c doing nothing would cause great risks to the economy. So, Obama's 80plus million bailout was initially led by Bush's 15 million or so.

As for belittling the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell", it's not about the military's joining in the politics of "political correctedness". It was a legitimate and necessary move to allow talented and capable individuals (regardless of who they love) to defend our great country. To deprive someone of such opportunity just because they bat for the same "team" is taking away the pool of competency and turning away diversity in the workforce.

-- HILLARY 2016 --

Carlos Ponce

"Obama might very well complete the top 10 of best Presidents"
Thanks, I like to start my week with a good laugh! This is great comedy![beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Evelyn Clark

this is my last time responding to bvresident about calling President Obama a BOY. I know that is a form iof (not baing able to do anything about the President. ). Just grin and BEAR it until 2016. Peace BE With You. [beam] [beam] [beam]

Chris Gimenez

Thank you for doing that. Trying to read your illiterate posts was giving me a headache. As for your obvious delirium that the president of this country is black-but utterly incompetent-I guess it's lost on me how you believe his dismal poll numbers in virtually every category that's measured by polls is something to crow about.

You apparently believe being black is the most important thing he brings to the Office of President while I believe it's the only thing he brings to the office.

Evelyn Clark

Bvresident, You still do not understand, Our President 's name is OBAMA not Boy.
You understood my post enough to answer even if it you thought is was foolish .I may not type as well as you, but I have enough sense to know that everyone in this forum has the right to be here, not just you and a few of your friends..
Remember you are not right all the time. [beam [beam]

George Croix

Actually, he only brings half of that....

George Croix

ˈmēlē ˌmouT͟Hd,-ˌmouTHt/
afraid to speak frankly or straightforwardly.

HEY, the question was asked, and I'm just trying to be helpful here......[beam][beam]

It's a fairly common saying in East Texas...almost always aimed at non-East Texans...for whatever reason....[wink]

Kevin Lang

gecroix, I should have figured you for a straight, but wryly witty response. [beam]

As for the post that prompted the question, I guess that's someone's opinion. I'll take it for what it's worth. Oops, I flushed the payment this morning [beam]

Chris Gimenez

I ain't sayin nothin. [whistling]

Jim Forsythe

________has not delivered on his promises You can place any President that campaign for election in the blank (1960's 0n)

.2016 will be the same. You have to look at their track record to see what they might do .Newly elected Presidents tend to not realizes that some things can't be done.

Chris Gimenez

Of course that's true for every President but this one has surpassed anything imaginable in the level of failure, deliberate lies to the public, misinformation, abuse of government agencies against political opponents, derision for our military and veterans, intentional advancement of using the race card in every possible instance (he started by throwing it out against the Clinton's in his first campaign for the office), dividing our country along racial, economic, and social strata, and destruction of our economy. To say they all do it without differentiating between the ones who expended the effort to work with the other side and this one who has deliberately created an environment in which he has shown such a disgust and obstructive vision to working with the other side is being disingenuous.

For example, even though Clinton was righteously brought up on impeachment charges, he ultimately decided to work with the GOP and left office with accomplishments, successes for this country, and a legacy other than what kind of cigars he prefers. This one will have a legacy that only Sal Alinsky and Bill Ayers can take pride in.

Evelyn Clark

President Obama is still Chief and Commander ,bvresident is is a reminder of the DO NOTHING GROUP OF MEN IN WASHINGTON. [beam] [beam]

George Croix

He's got the job.
All he needs is the ability.

Chris Gimenez

mytoby, you keep cackling as if the only thing important here is that a black man or half-black man or whatever in the heck he is, is the president. He's a lying buffoon who is completely unqualified to hold the job. He managed to con enough supporters-who literally believed the unbelievable-to vote him based on promises he had no intention of keeping, on promises he no ability to bring about, and on what would ultimately be a plethora of massive lies to the public.

He has shirked responsibility for virtually everything he's done, he's blamed white people, the GOP, the media, his dogs, and anyone else he can think of for all of his ignorance and stupidity.

And yet you continue to act as if he's going to leave office with a legacy other than that of being a total failure. Meanwhile. your people have seen their chances of finding a decent job decimated with unemployment among blacks being doubled under your president's reign. Wow, you are completely clueless.

You can stick those emoticons anywhere you want but it won't change the fact that your president is a loser.

Evelyn Clark

bvresident, you make me laugh with your lying words. Get a grip on yourself. I dissagree with you and your TONS of lies. You are a loser and who ever dissagree with you makes you rant, which results in name calling etc. I love my president and I also loved Presiden Clinton.

You do not like President Obama , that OK , he is still your Commander and Chief until he leaves office. You sound like the DO NOTHING MEN IN WASHINGTON.

When President Bush was in office , the VP ran the WHITE HOUSE.. Take away from the POOR and GIVE to, the RICH.



Evelyn Clark

bvresident what do you mean YOU PEOPLE .have lost a chance of finding

decent jobs, etc. I can read but I do not understand the term YOU PEOPLE.

Please explain this term of yours.. I would like you to explain this to me and

others that read this forum but will not answer to some of the LOW TERMS

used here by you. [sad]

Chris Gimenez

Actually, if you would get someone to read my comment to you-because you obviously are severely challenged in that respect-you'd see that what I said was "your people" and not "you people". When I said "your people" I was referring to the black population in this country who have seen their unemployment rate more than double what it was under the Bush Presidency.

Now I understand that employment, education, advancement, and all those other silly mainstream things aren't important to you and all that really matters in your mind is that your president is black and that's okay.

Do you know why it's okay? Because I don't care. You aren't intelligent enough to grasp what kind of damage your president has done to your people and so you think because he's occupying the White House it represents some kind of success for all blacks. Being elected was an accomplishment but his terms as president has been a complete and utter failure. He will go down in the books as the worst, most unqualified, most hate-mongering, most inept, most divisive president in our country's history.

And you're cackling about what exactly?[beam]

Evelyn Clark

bvresident, You don't have to read what I comment on here. Listen this is a open

forum and If my conversation is that bad , do not read THEM . there is no WOM pointed at your head. CACKLE, CACKLE and more CACKLE to you.

Chris Gimenez

mytoby, aren't you supposed to be at a protest somewhere over phony injustices?

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