I would like to commend La Marque Junior High School for providing my child with an improved learning environment. I have noticed the school has been providing more homework and test preparation material.

It is also my understanding that the school offers after-school programs that help students learn study skills. I tell my daughter that the school and its teachers can do a lot to better a child’s education. However, any good school also requires a student to put in some effort by working in class and doing homework.

If the school continues to give my child all the learning materials she needs — and knowing that she gets up each morning looking forward to going to school — then I feel content with the job that is being done there.

Alberta Peralta

Texas City


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lois Jones

Thank you so much, Alberta for giving a good news report.
It's time we comment on the good things happening in La Marque ISD. La Marque Junior High has a new principal that needs to hear stone stories (good testimonies) to be revived. Ms. Kimberley Yancy is back teaching 8th grade History and her ability to involve the village concept: parent involvement through parent-school conferences are enhancing and promoting student values. Monique Rodriquez is now coordinating the afterschool 21st Century project and has a passion for our children to discover the best education has to offer. Jackie Caldwell teaches gym faithfully at Early Childhood Learning Center and our children love her. Arlette Dotson is at the Junior High as a custodian and performs other roles to press upon students to do their best.

The evidence that we want victory for LMISD to be restored is our pursuit of praise.

If you have a Stone story of praise for LMISD, I dare you to start chanting it on facebook, Galveston Daily News, your circle of friends, etc.
LMISD board and staff need to know what good things are happening in district so they can build on it. Then you're know the end of the story, the devil will flee. Evil can not grow in good soil.

Walter Manuel

Is doing homework and going to school something new for LMISD??? LOL

It seems when we went to school back in the days we had homework on a daily basis and attending school wasn't an option! We also had our parents just as involved in making sure that we did our homework, not some after school program encouraging students to sign up just so that they could play basketball and receive free babysitting services just like we're seeing the district having to offer today in order to get their enrollment numbers up and spend government money.

Freedom, there may be some good things happening in the district, however I seriously doubt daring people to "start chanting it on facebook, Galveston Daily News, your circle of friends, etc", will hardly change the image or the truth about the current condition of LMISD?

Your right though with your last point, "the devil will flee. Evil can not grow in good soil".

Perhaps this is exactly why our district is facing losing our accreditation status and state/funding next year because of the "evilness" that took over our district with it's current leadership and their supporters?

Obviously "freedom" must be another "sheeple" who is just as big of a part of the problem and not the solution by encouraging people to lie on social and public media about LMISD when the rest of us already knows the REAL truth! [sad]

Walter Manuel

My last post failed to mention that thankfully we are now seeing the "evilness" that "freedom" mentioned in their post now being driven out of the district since our entire community is dying on the vine because of it.

Our community will soon thrive once again once this "evilness" is forced off of our school board and our so-called leaders/administrators are sent packing in order that our children can finally get a "safe" and "solid" education that they are so rightfully entitled to!

If anyone has a "Stone" story that freedom mentions about the "real" truth about LMISD, please "start chanting it on facebook, Galveston Daily News, your circle of friends, etc", as we certainly can't afford one more day of the lies and "evilness" to subject ANY MORE innocent children to such a poor education just so that some people can keep their jobs! [sneaky]

George Croix

Hopefully the students are learning to communicate coherantly, and avoid the use of jargon and slang when trying to get a point across to someone else.

Robert Buckner

I doubt alberta has a clue as these kids move on to high school. Next set of test scores will tell.


LMJH doing a fine job? Good,..but by what, or whose standards? Talk to me! Are they doing good by state, TEA standards? How about the High School? How about the elementary schools? You know why I take the stance I take on these issues? I don't mind sharing this with everybody.
There were a couple of teachers from two different school districts in this area where the schools are in compliance with state requirements for school districts in Texas who posted on THIS FORUM a couple years ago, that the AVERAGE, former LMISD student fit right in at their schools. They produced like anybody else! WHAT YOU SAY????? SO .....SOMETHING IS OUT OF WHACK.....I DON'T UNDERSTAND! WAIT A MINUTE NOW!!!!!!!!! Talk to Old JBG!!! Say it is not so!!!! That statement does nothing but destroy CUTURAL COVER over here. Whats UPPPPP!!!
Well, that is why I'm upset,...shocked,...appalled and dismayed!!! Here is a little experiment, anybody can try. Go place yourself in a deplorable environment where everybody you meet with use one word out of fifty,...being not a word of profanity, all the rest of them will be out right "CUSS" words! I guarantee you will start CUSSING" like a pro without even thinking about it,...because you will follow the lead of the environment you exist in! You will adhere to the standard expectations you observe around you! That is how gang members get SUCKED in to gang culture............... ( I Corinthians 15:33 ) That scripture is a good reference for what I said.
These kids deserve a clean shot at a decent education,...and there are many single parents who cannot afford to enroll their kids elsewhere, because of the transportation,..time available, to make it work, and also finances!
I'm just happy that there are citizens in LMISD who have their heads out of the sand, and continues to speak out against the educational terrorism existing here. We've fallen a long,..long way, into a quicksand pit,...and there are many who turn their heads to the truth and make excuses for it. Remember the second law of JBGism:
2) "There Are No Bad Organizations,...Only Bad Organizers!!" When LMISD had good leadership, it soared and prospered,...when bad incompetent leadership materialized buoyed by gerrymandered voting districts,.....LMISD took a dive. So What's wrong with LMISD? Nothing!! What's wrong with LMISD leadership and staff?
To much to list here, I'm out!

Walter Manuel

Bingo Robert and Mr. JBG!

Someone who used to work for the district told me that they recently visited the high school and was appauld at the language that was being used in the hallways and it seemed students didn't have any problem "F" bombing every other word that came out of their mouth!

What happened to the wonderful security and hall monitors that the district was supposed to employ in order to oversee all of this? Where are the police reports indicating that something is being done in order to change this type of behavior so that the students who are respectable to others, engaged in school and really do want to go to school don't have to be exposed to such a thuggish mentality?

Oh I know someone will blast me for insinuating that some of our children are "thugs". but if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck....

The school district is starting their STAAR testing next week, so we'll see EXACTLY just how good of a job the teachers and administration have done with our students? The proof will definitely be in the pudding!

Alberta mentions about the district providing more homework for students, but she failed to mention just how many parents are actually the one's doing their childs homework because of it's complexity and their child being academically unprepared to turn in their own work?

If I were going to boast in the paper about a school doing such a bang up job, I think I would have mentioned exactly what the district has accomplished so far in an honest effort to back up my claim! [wink]

George Croix

What you are is more imprtant than what you're called.
A lesson lost on the grievance industry...

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