It’s long past time for intelligent men and women, regardless of race, culture and religion, to join and work collectively together within local governments, statehouses, in Congress, the Senate, and set aside personal, often polarizing, dividing partisan differences and accomplish great things for all of this nation’s citizens.

Millions of Americans are daily being coerced into choosing partisan political sides, etc. Such divisive political scare tactics have often encouraged racist and xenophobic attitudes and polices, etc.

The name calling, the demeaning hateful political theatrics depicting one personal or political party’s partisan views as being somehow superior over the other, whether conservative or liberal, keeps this nation socially, economically and politically divided.

Who does this benefit? These career politicians, of course.

I see “all” elective political offices as public trust, bestowed for the good of the country, and not solely for the benefit of an individual or political party.

Why not stop all the hate, demeaning name-calling, and simply relate and communicate for our nation’s sake?

Kenneth Douglas


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