The City Council in League City voted 6-2 on Tuesday night in support of a resolution that would prohibit city departments from cooperating with federal directives or requests to process or house undocumented immigrants.

I was distressed, discouraged and bewildered that the League City City Council approved a resolution to reject unaccompanied children seeking immigration at our border.

I thought badly of our inability or unwillingness as a community to focus on possible solutions to this problem. However, when I read the newspaper this morning, I saw there were 26 citizens who spoke at the meeting and about two-thirds of these citizens were against the resolution. That encouraged me — our citizenry has compassion, and most want to do what is right.

The council voted against the majority. It is very important that we all vote in November.

Let’s do all we can to keep our city and county a place we can be proud to live in — one that is not based on fear and prejudice, but one where we are smart enough and compassionate enough to solve big problems in positive ways.

Thelma McCoy

League City

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Chris Gimenez

Ms. McCoy, please prove your compassion for these illegal aliens and offer to take a dozen or so into your home. Otherwise, you're just being another hypocrite on the left who spouts about how compassionate they are while expecting someone else to pay for the problem.

Curtiss Brown

A great letter.

I wish you wouldn't spit so when you write BVR.

Chris Gimenez

isleshire, where in the world do you get such snappy comebacks? They're amazing.

On a serious note, would you mind telling everyone reading this forum just how you plan to contribute to helping those poor children streaming across our border? Isn't that really what it comes down to-people on the Left who are throwing out oodles of hypocrisy about the plight of these children and how uncaring others of us are so tell us exactly what your contribution will be.

Will you donate one paycheck a month to a fund to help them?
Will you offer to take several into your home to raise, feed, clothe, educate, and send to college?
Will you donate hours of your time each month in a church or shelter that is taking in these children?

Please tell us. Because short of something concrete you're words of sympathy are hollow and shallow. But that is the way of the Left-talk, talk, and talk some more about how caring and sympathetic they are but when it comes time to walk the walk, you people are nowhere to be found.

Curtiss Brown

Turns out, go figure, that I am a citizen of this fine country and I expect it to act in a fine manner.
I expect my government to get the best information and make the best decisions possible, whether that is in Congress or the Bureaucracy.
I expect that they will know the proper thing to do.
I expect that they will meet with challenges and will plan to overcome those challenges. And,
I expect to pay what it costs.
I expect that I, as a citizen, will have to take on the responsibility of paying for what has been duly considered.
And, I expect to meet up, from time to time, with people who aren't so imbued with a sense of citizenship. Comes with the territory.

Chris Gimenez

Thank you for confirming my statements.


A resolution such as this is the main reason my wife and I left nut country called Galveston County. We return only on occasion to dine at the Pelican Club.

Carlos Ponce

We love you too, Bradsiam!

Curtiss Brown

Sorry you left. We need help down here.

Chris Gimenez

No isleshire, you don't need help down here-you just need help period.

Lars Faltskog


I thought you had a Spanish-sounding surname. You do realize that because of that, there's plenty of folks here that could easily mistaken you as one of these immigrant refugees and think you're one of these folks we're talking about today - one of them who will soon be seeking jornalero work at one of the Home Depots. I think all of us, despite if we are punching the democrat or republican card at the voting booth, will pay for the problem. You don't "own" the problem any more or less than the rest of us.

Carlos Ponce

"[T]here's plenty of folks here that could easily mistaken you as one of these immigrant refugees...." So sverige, you think all Hispanics look and think alike. I know this is not typical of all Progressives and Democrats. Think before you write. If you walked the streets of Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, etc you'd be surprised at the diversity of the people. They have black, brown, red, blonde hair. They are light and dark complexioned and even some of African descent. There are some ultra-Conservative religious and some very Liberal zealots. When you see a Hispanic surname it would be foolish to make assumptions.

Jim Forsythe

Kind of like a person who thinks all Democrats ,Republicans and Liberals are the same.

George Croix

They are, Jim.
All citizens of the United States of America.
With the left and right 'coasts/parties' densely poulated, and the middle gaining in population, as some of the 'coasties' get tired of always being in the same old crowds.


If a man hates Galveston County so much, .. because it is so bad, ...then why COME back at all? Something is not adding up here. Now what I think is an individual like that really wants to come back, and that is why he is keeping up with what's going on here. It probably is why he comes back every now and then ......smelling the air, and lamenting about having left. If I ever leave here you won't catch me worrying about Galveston County! I'd blend in and be a credit to the area where I re-located to, but that is just me.

George Croix

The head chef at the Pelican Club might take exception to being referred to as a 'nut'.
You might want to check for saliva on your salad before chowing down next time the County is blessed to have you back, if only for a little while...[beam]


They have nothing to worry about as long as "Uncle Sugar" is in the appeasement business, satisfying and paying off his political debts! He is in over his head with BILL CLINTON now! This is why he cannot afford to look like he is unsympathetic to the Hispanic and Black vote, by closing our BORDERS, and securing them!
We all know in 2016, Hillary will be counting heavily on those two groups, to even THINK about winning the election! I'm not saying I'm just saying!!! "Uncle Sugga" can give you a lot, but he cannot out give GOD! So I'll just continue to get mine the hard way, applying WORK to my faith and receiving from God. "Uncle Sugga" is leaving in 2.5 years and then how would I get what I need if he was my source?
What you say? I heard that!!!!!!!!!! Somebody said, "Aunt Sugga" will take up where "Uncle Sugga" left off!!!! Ahhhhhahhahahahahahah!!!!! [beam]
Ahahahahahahha. I give up!!! I give UP![smile]

George Croix

"With the left and right 'coasts/parties' densely poulated..."
Hmmmm....that was supposed to be 'populated', but, in retrospect, 'polluted' would work, too...[wink]

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