When you look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as presidential candidates, I think Trump is correct when he says most of the media is against him. He's fighting the media and numerous established Republican leaders.

If you look at both candidates, you see the hypocrisy of the Republicans and the Democrats. Clinton has shown what she's made of with her hidden emails and her bad foreign policies. I'm a Democrat, but I won't vote for Hillary. Trump hasn't been running the country — she has. You have to try to forgive Trump's shortcomings. I don't see Clinton apologizing for anything — unless forced to.

When you have all of the established politicians staying in power for years, you have the gridlock that's been happening for years. What happened to term limits that they were suppose to pass? Looks like the establishment doesn't want to forgive Trump. Jesus tells us to forgive one another or you won't be forgiven. You don't see that among liberals or the news media.

Sveto Andrich

Texas City


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Paula Flinn

Hillary Clinton has already apologized, several times. You must have missed it. She repeated her apology on Fox News, and other news stations have carried it. Has Trump REALLY apologized for forcing himself on women? No, he was defiant and apologized only for his words that day. That is like apologizing for getting caught, not apologizing for what he has done, a lifetime of sexual harassment and sexual assault of women.

There is still the lawsuit filed in a Federal Court in NY State against Donald Trump for rape that will not be heard until December. There are supposedly 2 witnesses, now. We will see if it comes to trial or is dismissed. I will bet he pays off the woman.

Carlos Ponce

Did he force himself on women? Their stories have gaping holes , lapses in logic and collaboration. Eyewitnesses to the event say things did not happen as reported. And that accusation of rape was initially thrown out by a female judge, The woman was asking for millions. Now she will settle for 75 thousand. Sounds strange to anyone with common sense.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, I hope you showed the same concern to the women Bill Clinton violated. Those charges were known during the 1992 Democratic Primaries and well into his first term, prior and during the 1996 campaign. If on the other hand you voted for Bill Clinton anyway............

Doyle Beard

what did the clintons pay paula jones?

Mike Trube

Isn't there a statue of limitations on such cases? You would think if they were serious enough, those women would have come forward long ago. But isn't it convenient they come forward now? That's why I don't take them serious. If a woman feels she has been violated, she should do something about it at the time. But they are allowing their violation to be USED by another woman for political gain. That is disgusting! Just my opinion.


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