Galveston is the most laid back, yet interesting and friendly city, I have ever lived in. Historically, it’s awesome. I believe it’s the most tolerant city in Texas.

When I first moved here from Houston, I considered it to be mañana land. I still do; and, now it’s one of the things that I love about it. It’s so very different from Miami; and, to keep it from becoming a little Miami, Galveston needs to buy the Porretto beach rights of way.

If not, we will lose beach land to the developers, even though in the past, Galveston voted against building on the beach.

Patricia Holleman



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Don Schlessinger

Help, someone start a Go fund me account.

Kelly Naschke

Can someone let Patricia know that there are hundreds of miles of deserted, untouched beaches in Texas and that the Galveston economy has been rooted in tourism for many many years prior to her moving here. Can someone take her down to Beachtown and buy her a cup of coffee and let her know that it’s all new and didn’t exist 20 years ago. Maybe stop by Palicade Palms? Or the Emerald? How about a drive out west to see the million dollar homes on the beach? Then show her a picture of the bunker at Ft Crocket where the San Luis now sits. Then, remind her that if everyone shared her mentality....none of that would be there. Why didn’t you choose to move to Rockport or Port A or Sargent or Matagorda? You chose a vibrant growing tourist city. Deal with it sister.

Gary Miller

You chose a vibrant growing tourist city.
More Island jobs, fewer Island residents? A tourist town where tourism workers refuse or can't afford to live? Tax base increased by annexation with a declining population of taxpayers?

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