There is a special need for homeowners in the League City area to vote for Allison Cox for justice of the peace.

Many homes in League City are regulated by homeowners associations. Such regulations can be used to keep neighborhoods attractive or to make a court case out of trivial complaints like birdbaths, a playhouse or where you planted a tree.

The Legislature has expanded the jurisdiction of justice courts to include many suits by homeowners associations against homeowners.

Associations demand that the homeowner pay their attorney fees when they file suit or even send a demand letter. That demand is too often decided for the associations and their lawyers without real examination of what fees, if any, are reasonable and appropriate in such cases.

Cox is a homeowner herself and can see both sides of such situations. She has unquestioned integrity, commitment to goals and good common sense. On top of that, she will put in a full day’s work for a full day’s pay. Cox is the best candidate to impartially serve all of the citizens in her precinct and deserves your vote in the Republican primary.

Mark W. Stevens


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Robert Young

Ms. Cox Is the best choice for this JP Position.. Smart with common sense and will work full time and give everyone a fair shake in her court..That is what we need and what we are paying for. Not a part time judge who will practice between sales and deliveries over at the Hardware store. She is already shirking her county duty to rule on cases before her,, She is sending them to the Republican Chair , Barbara Meeks, who went to mediation school and is now a small claim court mediator! LOL The two parties in the case are forced to pay hundreds of dollars more to Barbara Meeks to mediate their case ... instead of the $96 dollar filling fee to get the judge to hear the case. Randall just orders the parties to Mediation with her court approved boot licker., (Meeks) Then Randall scurries back to the hardware store. This little payback scam is costing the citizens in PCT 1 court. This is how Randall paid back the Republican Chair for getting the Republican pct chairs to elect Randall to the JP 2012 November ballot..(It was vacated by Judge Foster when he resigned to run for county commissioner ) A vote for Randall and Meeks is a vote for this JP's scam.. . (I appears Randall and Meeks went to the same judicial scam school with Henry). A vote for Randall means the scam continues at the cost of the taxpayer and the parties in her JP court.. Remember rats always come up with a way to get more cheese..

Mick Phalen

Blah, blah, blah, vote for the only real Republican in this race - Toni Randall !!!

Robert Young

Real Republicans should be conservative. A real republican would not run up the cost of litigation by using a mediator to do her job.. that is not efficient government.

Mick, I know its uncomfortable and you are between a rock and a hard place because you and Tony are long term friends. BUT while I do admire your loyalty.. She has lost hers to the taxpayer.. Dang it she has got to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I always say look at their actions, It is louder than what they say. Do you approve a our Republican Chair getting case appointments from the Judge she anointed? ..and the plaintiff is stuck paying for it! Judge Tony Randall should just hear the evidence and rule, end of story. BUT nooooo.. they have to drag it out to make Barbara some cash.. Are they splitting it? Probably not.. But it looks bad. Real ethical Republicans do NOT act like this..Step back a minute and think about it.. Respectfully, JM

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