My vote for Mark Henry would depend on him telling us how he is giving full-time administrative and executive service for the $160,000 he receives from us, while he is obligated by the state to spend 40 percent of his efforts on court duty to receive an extra $15,000 bonus from state tax money.

While neither the county nor the state requires verification of this mandated distribution of his effort, and even though that courtroom role allows him to shield his records, I trust he will assure us in a forthcoming way that managing our county receives his full attention, despite the mathematical dilemma.

I am also certain he likes to alleviate any concern about the large amount of outside financial campaign supporters, some of whom may hope to be considered when the county acquires services.

Gerhard Meinecke


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Robert Young

It appears he has taken the county for a ride..No transparency,padding his and his friends pockets..

Carlos Ponce

"[H]e has taken the county for a ride." I'm enjoying the ride. I guess I'm one of his friends, my pockets (and all residents of Galveston County) are padded with extra money due to lower taxes. We must ALL be his friends, even justaman. Good reason to keep him! Thanks justaman for pointing this out!

Carol Dean

No, you do not have any extra money in your pockets. Savings in some areas we redistributed and spent in other areas.

BTW, Henry also gave his gal, Friday, I mean Roxanna, you know the one who has been threatening to ruin business that do not support her choice of candidates, with
a very substanial raise. I hear it was at least 20%!?!?!

Carlos Ponce

ckdean, my Galveston County Tax Bill is less than last years. I have MORE money in my pockets. County Taxes are county taxes. Judge Henry has nothing to do with city, school district, junior college, road and flood, drainage, EMS taxes rising even if these entities attach their taxes to the county bill.

Robert Young

Carlos, I must not be his friend,, my taxes did not go you must be proud

Carlos Ponce

Really? In 2011, the Galveston County Tax Rate was.619750. In 2012 Galveston County's Tax Rate was .5991500. In 2013 the Tax Rate was .58370000.
Are you sure you are looking at ONLY your Galveston County taxes and not your city, school district, and other property taxes? Unless your property values have gone up, your Gal. Co taxes should have gone down. Problem is that other taxing agencies are included in the bill to save money. Mine includes: Road and Flood Taxes, Drainage District Taxes, EMS District taxes, and College of the Mainland taxes in addition to the Gal. Co. Taxes. Some School Districts like Hitchcock also include their tax on the the one the county sends. Others like Santa Fe send a separate bill. Look at your tax bills for 2012 and 2013. Find the line that reads GALVESTON CO. under entity on each bill. I believe you are looking ALL your property taxes, not just Gal Co.

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