As a resident of District 3 in Galveston, I am puzzled by the chamber of commerce’s endorsement of Kate Marx (“Galveston chamber endorses seven candidates,” The Daily News, April 15).

I received a door hanger from the Ralph McMorris campaign that outlines his service to the country and to Galveston: long-term city businessman, president of the Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods, vice president of the East End Historical District Association, University Area Association, member of the Chamber of Commerce, Galveston Hurricane Ike Committee, co-chair of the Economic Development Committee, Public Housing Recovery Committee and city of Galveston Landmark Commission Preservation Award for Commercial Rehabilitation.

Researching Kate Marx, I find she joined Rotary International on April 2, is a member of Krewe of Gambrinus and active in Girl Scouts and Red Cross. Am I missing something here?

Anne T. Hecht


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Steve Fouga

I was surprised at this endorsement too.

Maybe the Chamber simply doesn't like Mr McMorris?

You never know. Seems like a lot of times in Galveston it's personal.

Raif Smith

Whoever the C of C endorses- I vote for the other guy

Steve Fouga


Steve Fouga

What about Island Runner's endorsement? What do you make of IT?

GW Cornelius

Kate will get it done while Ralph will only GAIN.

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