Incumbent Mark Henry won the GOP nomination for county judge. He could face an independent candidate in the November general election.

As you may know, I’m a candidate for county judge of Galveston County. I wanted to let you, the voters, know why I’m running.

My campaign will be based on my plan for economic development in our county. It will be about more jobs, jobs, jobs.

The plan starts with getting Galveston a real airport. It will have a common carrier commercial terminal that will support Southwest Airlines flights to major airport hubs so our tourists, citizens and businessmen can easily connect with the rest of the nation. Our Galveston will be a first rate tourist resort with quick, direct airline access.

Our hotels, restaurants and businesses will certainly prosper and sales tax revenue will grow. We will take that new found revenue and use it to pay for raises for our lowest wage county employees, sheriff’s office and constables. We must have a safe county before we can ever convince relocating American families that Galveston County is the best place on the Texas coast to put down roots.

I also want to see more work for our port, and I’ll share that plan soon.

Bill Young

League City

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Gary Miller


People already think Galveston county, except the Island, is a good place to locate.
A real airport for the Island? Built and run with OPM? Sure won't have enough traffic to be profitable. Why would anyone take a SW shuttle to a HUB instead of just starting at the HUB? Most county residents live closer to Hobby than Sholes.

Robert Young

IHOG..I think it's a good idea. TOURIST can get straight to the ships a instead of handling their luggage twice which makes galveston the econd choice behind Miami..and the spring break dollars. Think of the folks who just want to visit the lone star rally that don't ride far but will hook up with their spouses down the direct shipping of some freight, mail and my create a few jobs.

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