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GW Cornelius

Jim is the one we need he can get the job done. While others destroy he rebuilds. Galveston will proper with Jim as Mayor.

David Collins

Yeah public housing projects. You've found your new champion.

Jarvis Buckley

I respect JY accomplishments. I just respect EB as the "people's candidate".
Saying she will destroy the island diminishes your candidates credibility, in my
Opinion you need to refrain from that. I know you are a zealous supporter, but
Those type comments only gives EB more votes. You might want to discuss with
"Jim" a change of strategy . I'm almost certain he will agree with me.

Matt Coulson

Not sure Galveston will "proper" but I'm quite sure public housing investors will. Big Jim is a great student of the democrat way. He will use fine words and connections to get in position, then the hogs will be led to the trough and the taxes will be raised. Then the democrat machine will be rebuilt so that they can get back to making this county in their vision, not the peoples.

Steve Fouga

Yes, Jim Yarbrough as mayor would be a bad result for Galveston.

Not inspiring or exciting. Same ol' guy Galveston always settles for. And pro-public-housing to boot. Probably not a true disaster as mayor, but bad enough that Elizabeth Beeton would easily win in 2016, partly because the citizens would be bored to tears by then...

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