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Jarvis Buckley

You don't have to be a fifth generation family to love and care about this little lily pad.

GW Cornelius

Jim will help Galveston while others are only after their on gain.

Albert Redmond

I, also, am a fifth generation Galvestonian, and am in total disagreement with the views expressed by Joyce Ekelund.

Steve Fouga

Galveston has long been run by the founding families who support Mr Yarbrough. The Island is well-known as a place slow to change and proud of it.

Here is a question for long-time Galvestonians: If the entrenched politicos and business people who run the Island are so good at it, why is it such an underachiever? Deep water port and 30 miles of beach, 50 miles from the 4th-largest city in the country. Is this all they can make of it?

George Croix

Soon, it may well return as the KING of Most Public Housing Per Capita.
Now, there's an accomplishment to hang a hat on....

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