We created the brand “Meet in the Middle” as a response to our belief that the gerrymandering of congressional districts has given America’s political extremes, on either side of the aisle, a disproportionate voice in selecting our representatives.

In our conversations with candidates, we implore them to address the concerns of “purple” voters rather than pander to their party’s extremes. Fortunately, we live in an "open primary" state and can vote, regardless of previous party affiliation, in the Republican’s March primary and influence races where the primary will decide, in all likelihood, the election.

Crossing party lines to vote in a primary is not new. In 2008, Republicans crossed over and voted in the Democratic Primary for then Sen. Barack Obama in order to deny Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination. Our community is best served when the community's voice is loud, not meek.

This letter is not an endorsement for or against any individual candidate, but a plea to all registered voters to make your voices heard on Primary Day.

Sam Collins III


Norman Pappous



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Walter Manuel

Very well stated gentlemen! [thumbup][thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

Yes, please vote. But make your choice an educated one. Filter through the news and learn to differentiate between fact and opinion. That's being taught in our elementary schools but many adults still don't get it. And learn to recognize hyperbole, obfuscations and political rhetoric.

PD Hyatt

While I will agree with what Mr. Collins said, I do wonder who it was that started the Gerry mandering of the districts to begin with and why they did that???? That could be an interesting debate IF the truth were to be told....

Doyle Beard

Amen PD

Jim Forsythe

"The word gerrymander (originally written "Gerry-mander") was used for the first time in the Boston Gazette (not to be confused with the Boston Gazette) on 26 March 1812. The word was created in reaction to a redrawing of Massachusetts state senate election districts under the then-governor Elbridge Gerry (pronounced /ˈɡɛri/; 1744–1814). In 1812, Governor Gerry signed a bill that redistricted Massachusetts to benefit his Democratic-Republican Party. When mapped, one of the contorted districts to the north of Boston was said to resemble the shape of a salamander.Gerrymander is a portmanteau of the governor's last name and the word salamander. The redistricting was a notable success. In the 1812 election, both the Massachusetts House and governorship were won by Federalists by a comfortable margin (costing Gerry his position), but the senate remained firmly in Democratic-Republican hands"

PD Hyatt

Yes, they Gerry mander districts to make them full of the voters that they want.... That may have started way back then in the northern section of the nation but I do believe that it wasn't until late in the last century that it really took off and that was done especially to make a certain group of voters have more power than others.... All you have to do is look at the Hitchcock districts to see the insanity of the way they are drawn all over this nation....

Jim Forsythe

The same way that the way School districts are drawn up.
You can live in one town, and go to school in another.

Doyle Beard

not done exacly like that for plootics not a very good example because the gerrymandering really done by politicians for political gain.Apples and oranges here Jim.

PD Hyatt

ROFLOL@ that one.... That is no where the same and I really don't believe what you wrote you believe....

Carlos Ponce

I believe Paul is referring to Single Member Voting Districts within a city or school district. Seems that these are drawn to include a predominance of voters with similar demographics.
As for your example, school district boundaries are seldom the same as city boundaries but that's not the point being made.

Bill Cochrane

In my opinion, the winner in most political races are won by the person with the most yard signs. Of course, if a taxpayer wants to use the same size sign to advertise in their yard - It's against the law! ?

Jim Forsythe

As far as what most think, when they are talking about gerrymander.
The party in charge sets the new bounties, because of the changes since the last time they were set the population has changed in most cases. It makes no difference what party is in charge, they all do it.
We have about 29 Million people in Texas and by 2040 we are projected to have a  population over 45 million..
This will change the landscape in USA politics, as Texas will have more power. It is projected that we will have 45 Electoral Collage votes, in 2040. As no one knows what the party make up will be , things will change, but how no one knows to what.
Gerrymandering is used to try insure that their party stays in power. This does not always work. In a fast growing state the districts can change in their makeup, so the majority.at the time when the districts are set, could become the minority..

Some are pushing for change, but this may not happen as each party thinks it gives the other and advantage, to be able to set the gerrymandered districts.
One such proposal,
The ballot proposal would change the Michigan constitution to create an independent citizen commission to draw political lines, taking the role away from the Legislature.
The proposal would establish a 13-member independent citizens commission on which independent voters would have five members, and Republican and Democratic parties would each have four.

Gary Miller

The computer drawn district lines are the best. Using the shortest boundrys possible to enclose equal numbers of voters, nearly 800k today. Too many for one congressman to serve. Congress needs to again increase the membership of the house from 435 to at least 535 then use the computer method of drawing district lines.

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