At a meeting, La Marque school board President Nakisha Paul recently told about 100 district employees that the school board has “got your back” and “don’t tell me that La Marque is not on the road to recovery” (“School board president urges staff to help end state oversight,” The Daily News, March 7).

It amazes me that Paul could stand before a group of employees with a straight face and essentially beg them to work harder to help the school board and the district clean up the mess they created.

Are the La Marque Independent School District trustees really serious enough about turning our school district around or will history prove once again that they will risk losing our school district by not forcing school board secretary Shirley Fanuiel to resign?

Local activists and their supporters need to quit calling on the community to help the board members get out of the hole that they helped dig and get busy cleaning up their own mess. Now, who really has whose back?

Walter Manuel

La Marque

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Walter Manuel

In my opinion the intrusive actions of board president Nakisha Paul clearly underminded Terri Watkins' own ability as a new superintendent to perform her job when she met with district employees along with Terri Watkins in order to address the school district being placed on Academic-Probation.

This is called "micromanaging" at it's finest and underminds Mrs. Watkins' authority and trust with her district employees. This obviously fell into the category of meddling into the day to day running of the district which is clearly NOT Nakisha Paul's responsibility as an elected school board member.

While the board may not be able to force Shirley Fanuiel into resigning her position on the board since she too is an elected official, they can certainly encourage her into doing so for the benefit of the school district or petition a judge to have her removed.

As I stated before, it's good that Mr. Price is coming into the district to oversee how things are and have been done in the past so that now maybe school board members are forced to read up on exactly what their roles are and aren't so that Mrs. Watkins can do the job that she's being paid to do.

As others have posted in other threads, it would behoove these board members to visit other districts in order to see what they are doing that has made them so successful and I can assure you that they will find there is far less intrusion by the board of trustees in running the day-to-day operations of their districts than what we're seeing being done so often in LMISD!

Until our board of trustees first learn "School Board Member Roles and Rules 101" nothing in this district will change!

Our "psuedo" LMISD board of trustees are certainly the laughing stock throughout the state of Texas and beyond, as well as, the poster child I'm sure during Texas' school board state conferences as to what not to do as an effective school board member or successful school district?

The boards actions would make most people laugh if it wasn't for the fact that it's the all true! [sad]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That should have been, "The boards actions would make most people laugh if it wasn't for the fact that it's all true"!

Gary Miller

All of LM ISD's problems could be instantly solved by one action.
Privatization and universal school choice.
A budget surplus and improved education quality would be dual advantages.

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