Craig Eiland has done an exemplary job of representing his constituents in the Texas Legislature.

For the past 20 years, his job was not easy. He was required to have knowledge of the law, the talent to debate the issues, a strong work ethnic and the ability to get the job done when local needs were involved. His service has benefited this community and the state.

Former Judge Susan Criss is a candidate for the position Craig Eiland is vacating. In comparison to her opponent in the general election, her qualifications and record of public service are unmatched.

She possesses all of the necessary qualities and talents to be an effective member of the Texas Legislature.

By electing Susan Criss, we will continue the leadership tradition Galveston County legislators have established in the Texas House of Representatives.

Jennifer Rexford


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Paula Flinn

It would have been helpful to others if you had listed some of her "qualities and talents."

I will vote for her because I know her to be a clear thinking individual and an honest and fair person. In my opinion, she will do a great job.

George Croix

I met Craig Eiland.
I studied the record of Craig Eiland.
I voted for Craig Eiland (and would again, if I could...).
Susan criss is no Craig Eiland. imho
Replacing in kind is not an option here, but of course it rarely is in any race.
I only have to think back a few years to how the Isom blast lawsuits were handled...not normally a single issue voter, but it does depend on the issue...

Paula Flinn

Can it be, also, that you just cannot bring yourself to vote for a strong woman? Just askin'...I do not know you.

Let me suggest Susan's opponent is "nowhere in the ballpark" with Craig Eiland. Mr. Eiland is/was one of a kind, with years of experience.

George Croix

Oh, yeah, it could be...
Of course, my wife, a very successful woman with a 36 year career in major industry in a position recognized by people at facilities across the nation, and my daughter, a HS Valedictorian, university & med scholl honors grad, chief resident in her residency, and now doctor in successful practice. might wonder why I'd suddenly changed a lifelong admiration for ANYONE who puts forth the effort and makes the successes.'s possible....if stereotyped as 'typical male'....or 'hater', or 'soldier in the war on women' or whatever term of description allows the person making it to self-validate their own position without any real effort.
It's also possible I don't CARE that the candidate is a woman...isn't it?
As a conservative, I don't vote for race, creed, color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or favorite ice cream flavor... I vote for what I hope, or know, is the best candidate, with a caveat that, for me, past actions should not be ignored, and may well indicate future actions.
I agree with your suggestion about Craig.
He was a person who could be a Democrat without being a 'progressive'.
Maybe last of his kind....

Kevin Lang

How much would Diet Coke versus Diet Pepsi influence your decision :-) [beam]

Let's try to get some real dirt on these candidates [beam][beam][wink][wink]

J. Shaffer

I love Craig Eiland.

I also like Susan Criss. Her record shows that she is fair and impartial.

George Croix

An impartial politician?

Where...get a photo...somebody call the GDN and report it.....

I think voters should get a second opinion on the diagnosis of political impartiality, by any of them....

GW Cornelius

Criss is the only choice for me. She has the ability and knowledge to get it done. While her opponent does not.

Robert Young

Criss hands down..

George Croix

You don't find any gala apples under a Winesap tree.

George Croix

Don't push me too far, lang....them's fighting words.
I almost didn't renew my Aggie season tickets when they changed from Coke products to horse urine...did get me to drinking water again, though.... [beam]

Still, even with that sideline focal point, it's more specific and indicative than drivel like 'knowledegeable' and 'experienced' and 'ability' and 'talent' and a host of other political pablum meaningless terms that tell NOTHING about the candidate, but a lot about the users of the terms, absent any real and tangible examples ....
We have quite enough politicians in office that got there because we never opened the poke to take a look and see what was inside looked like....

Kevin Lang


I'm not sure what we'd call them if they didn't use politician-speak language. Really, we should call them vaguarians, double-speakians, or something like that.

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