Broadway is a hot mess. I am sorry to say that, but I live on the island and have to drive it for work; the design needs rethinking. The new design should be to remove all trees and bushes and put simple median lights, like on the causeway, with actual turn lanes. This zig-zag pattern starting at 51st Street is disastrous.

In my hatchback I've had trouble seeing beyond the mass bushes in the center of broadway and my roadster is only 4 foot tall, so I can never see to cross beyond the median of bushes, so I just pause a really long time to cross even if the light has turned green and hope I will not be one of the many daily and nightly victims of car accidents I see weekly.

It's terrifying. When you cannot see to cross the road, this is a liability, not to mention the heavy tree limbs now hanging over broadway that will eventually fall into traffic. Please rethink this design.

Toyya Braskey



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Bryan Manuele

You are very right Toyya. It can be dicey navagating Broadway.It would be great if drivers obeyed the rules of the road and if the police took public safety seriously and initiated a no toterance campaign of enforcement, it is also true that the poorly designed landscaping at intersections need to be addressed. However if I understand your suggestion of removing the landscaping correctly as the solution I'd be lead to the conclusion that you may be living in the wrong town.

Toyya Braskey

Bryan, it's not just dicey, it's a real issue. I drive From the East end, to mid Island and beyond 71st for my job. I work a graveyard shift. Driving is a requirement of my job duty. I witness more accidents on Broadway than anyone should have to in their lifetime. I see how many cars disregard the red lights and just plow through. So every single time I am coming down Broadway and need to sit in the middle trying to cross from one side to the other, first because I've seen so many accidents and usually can't see to cross for the bushes, trees and weeds in either of the 2 vehicles I own, I often try to go down a block or more to try to find a less bushy crossing. I know many people go to the middle and cross on Red lights taking their chances, but since I always sit in the middle until the light turns green. I paused a really long time, and have to cross without being able to really see if another car is coming and hope for the best. I love trees, I have so many in my leased property yard that I am in a beautiful tropical garden, but trees and bushes should never be allowed block visibility, and the city should not make silly destructible zig zags on Broadway it is the main entrance of Galveston. Times change. I think a beautiful simple median with the same seagull shaped street lighting as the Causeway is the answer. Replant the trees in front of the many residential homes aligning Broadway to give the homeowner's some privacy and protection from the traffic.

Steve Fouga

Toyya, I've felt the same ever since I began driving in Galveston almost 50 years ago. I've long felt it's possible to make Broadway beautiful while installing safe turn lanes and effective lighting, but evidently most residents and the City disagree.

Ike gave Galveston the perfect opportunity, but residents and the City insisted on recreating the forest-like environment that made Broadway the most depressing corridor in Galveston.

Instead of a relatively open, clean, modern, resort-like thoroughfare with gently arcing palm trees and the occasional oak, Broadway has a dense antebellum-South feel, reminiscent of New Orleans or Mobile. It has always been such a relief, driving south, to finally exit the oppressive forest at 14th Street, and see nothing but palm trees, blue skies, and the beach ahead!

But I agree with Bryan: Broadway was purposefully and with devout intention made into the scary and semi-navigable mess that it is. We haters will just have to deal with it. [cool]

Toyya Braskey

Steve, I do love a Antebellum South feeling...just not on Broadway. Times change. I think a beautiful simple median with the same seagull shaped street lighting as the Causeway is the answer. Replant the trees in front of the many residential homes aligning Broadway to give the homeowner's some privacy and protection from the traffic...or elsewhere on the Island. Broadway is the main entrance of the city and it must be safe! Period. I also live on the East End and experience a since of delight at 14th street as soon as I exit the jungle of Broadway and it is more open. I also love the way the newer street signs glow in the dark in this area. Residents may have voted for the trees to stay but my concern is how many visitors and residents will have die in car accidents before the city is forced to redesign this. Broadway should have gotten a facelift a long time ago and accessibility and safety should be priority. Modernism can be beautiful too. I'd vote for colored seagull lighting to add pizazz.

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