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Don Ciaccio

Susan, while you were drinking the Koolaid, I was researching facts. Google 300,000 immigrants. There are hundreds

Don Ciaccio

There are hundreds of articles about the 300,000 illegals that have come since April. There is every possible media type, so pick any source. My data is accurate and I stand firmly by my numbers. Do your homework before you regurgitate the Democrat propaganda. You won't end up showing your lack of knowledge.

Don Ciaccio

Are you aware the democrats are trying to give amnesty to the millions of illegals here? Under their plan, they would all become voters. After your statements about my facts, I'm pretty sure you couldn't pour water out of a boot with the directions on the heal!

Gary Scoggin

Maybe not. But at least she can spell heel.

Raif Smith

Do you support two classes of citizens, both taxed but only one can vote.

This is called taxation without representation. A big bone we picked with King George

Lars Faltskog

So, with the anti-immigrant logic we are to turn away these children because they aren't WASP and will not become Republicans. Problem is, they are very likely going to be here to stay. So, the mission to drive away these children will become a failed one. They will become Democrats.

Through all of this, and current Republican/Tea Party attrition and death, Texas will become "blue". Sounds like a plan!

George Croix

No better headline was ever provided by the folks at the GDN...sorta... [wink]

Don Ciaccio

I feel very sorry for them. I just believe they are better off with their parents.

Curtiss Brown

Three Israeli children were killed by radicals and one Arab child was murdered, burned alive, by radicals.

Some people have the ability to not care about children.

And yes, it doesn't matter that they swam the river or might one day vote Democratic, those things are just excuses used to cover the wallet and not help children.

Don Ciaccio

Raifm, ya can't vote if your not a us citizen. Seems pretty clear. If you came here illegally, you can't vote. Your a criminal.

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