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Gary Miller

In 2008 Rush was advising voters to vote for HRC instead of BHO. Many conservatives did in an effort to keep BHO from being nominated. Many Democrats vote in RNC primaries trying to get a looser nominated.
It's legal.
It works.
HRC won more deligates than BHO and would have been the DNC nominee if N. Pelosi hadn't illegally interfered by directing the "super deligates" to vote for BHO.
Pelosi wanted a "house boy" to play with the toys and sign anything she sent him.

Senter voted in the 2008 DEM primaries trying to avoid BHO being nominated.
A responcible vote. A smart vote. He gets my vote. Should get yours.

Dwight Burns

A house boy? IHOG, seems your post continue to expose your bigotry as time marches on.

The Country is changing...Trying to stop change equates to stopping a train
coming down a mountain with grease on the tracks. From all indication,
seems you and your Ilk would love to return this Country to the 1950's era of segregation.

Carol Dean

Now, now, dumb47, people who make your type of comment are more often then not, the ones who are trying to stir the pot.

Gary Miller


May we assume you are a liberal who doesn't listen to Rush. You call him names because it's politically expected of you.
What you fail to understand is most of his three hours a day are spent reporting on news the liberal media is trying to hide.
Nothing hateful, no lies, just news items liberals wish you didn't learn about.
Jenni, instead of calling someone you have no real knowlege about names try listening to Rush with an open mind. Won't take long for you to learn he isn't what liberals want you to think he is.

Lars Faltskog

Response to drumb47 posted at 10:44 am on Wed, Feb 26, 2014:

I relate IHOG to the character "Cotton" (the boy's grandfather on "King of the Hill" who thinks the Big War is still going on). Or, maybe The General from "Soap". Same thing - lost in the WWII era. Now, wouldn't it have been a scream if Clayton Williams had been voted governor back then?

Dwight Burns

Response to sverige1 posted at 5:47 pm on Wed. Feb 26, 2014.

It must be sad for ones mind to be stuck in a place in time while ones body, in reality, is in the present.

There are those among us, who only God knows why, are still fighting the Civil War between the States. Sadly, many politicians take advantage of this with slogans that promise to protect them from and fight against Obama.

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