I hope to never meet with Wilfried Schmitz, candidate for judge, ever again.

A few years ago my wife and I thought we had had enough of our marriage and, shamefully, I was the first to call a lawyer as I had given up. I told Schmitz my reasons, laid the money down in front of him, and urged him to begin the separation process.

Typically, the only money lawyers love more than their own is ours. With part of our family’s savings lying on the desk, he made me consider what it would mean from our children’s perspective. All lawyers will inform you of the pitfalls of your case after they have your money in their pocket.

Schmitz explained how, for the children’s sake, we should be trying to find ways to stay together rather than taking account of why to split up.

I ended up picking up that check — instead of him — and any day now our first daughter will be born. Schmitz made me understand that the only “perfect couple” is the imperfect couple that doesn’t give up on each other. The families of our county should be the beneficiaries of that wisdom.

E. Donnie Thomas Jr.


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