Norman Pappous is a conservative thinker who just happens to actually pay attention to what his constituents and other voters of Galveston think about all issues.

In a two-year span that has seen the City Council go off the rails with its zeal to shut out all residents as it makes decisions in private, Pappous has been a consistent voice of reason.

Pappous is often the face of the Galveston City Council at events around town, welcoming groups to our city.

Other times, he is writing columns actually trying to explain the choices the council faces on certain situations, which is something most other council members are not willing or able to do.

I think it’s obvious that he’s educated himself on the issues facing this city, and is not afraid to take a stand on what he believes.

In two years, Pappous has not caved to popular opinion, but instead has worked to find solutions that are inclusive of the residents of this city.

This choice is obvious: Stick with experience and re-elect Norman Pappous for District 4.

Richard Mullikin


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Steve Fouga

Kudos to Mr Pappous for being one of Council's few bright spots, and to Mr Mulliken for such a powerful, concise description of how Mr Pappous does it!

GW Cornelius

Norm is such a disappointment to those of us that live in his district. He is just a mini EB, which is a disaster when it comes to leadership.

Miceal O'Laochdha

I think Norman has carried integrity, level-headedness and firm resolve into the Council Chamber; where it was promptly sucked up in the vortex with Dorothy and Toto, and sent to Oz. He bravely shovels against the tide. I don't know if his competitor can be any more effective in Oz than Norman but, it is not too likely.

Either way we owe him a debt of gratitude for taking the fight to the enemy for us.

Evelyn Clark

Pappous is not for, the low income people, only people that has a real high income. I have felt this way since he tried to close Central School and give it to KIPP..Now where is KIPP. This is my feelings .JUST SAYING.

Jarvis Buckley

Island Runner you have an agenda. I am starting to think you are a paid gun.
There is absolutely no way a person could not appreciate NP or EB's efforts to improve the quality of life for us folks on this island. Who do you work for?
Better question. do you work?

Steve Fouga

If he's (or she's) a paid gun, one can only hope nobody is paying very much.


Miceal O'Laochdha

Jarvo: I guess we all have an agenda, one way or the other. But, I believe that I am in agreement with you. I find that whatever agenda train Island Runner is on, I don't plan to hop onboard.

George Croix

Previously, the smallest functioning gun in the world was the Swissminigun...a .09 caliber 'weapon', if memory serves.
It still is the smallest gun with an actual identity...

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