I was born in what our president calls a s---hole in the country of America, in Texas, in Galveston County, in Dickinson. Our s---hole government cared less about inequality and injustices. A s---hole country that had me in segregated schools, bathrooms, stores, everything s---holes do to remain superior. What should have been given to us at birth had to cross lines of suffering and protest. S---hole America is known for separating families.

President Trump, look at your own front door before you go outside. Follow the yellow brick road. You need to go to Oz for a heart. Now, how does that sound? Terrible; my point. Words hurt.

Trump’s schizophrenic personality is like the serpent in the Garden of Eden that ate Eve after she ate the fruit. Imagine people of all colors, young and old, walking hand in hand; beautiful. We cannot change the heart of this president, yet we must have something in place, more than prayer, to keep him from his racist, lynching ways.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks from the grave: “Our silence is betrayal.” Wake up, or America will be for sale by Trump’s highest bidder.

Lois Henderson Jones

Texas City


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Gary Miller

Miss Jones. You speak truth. What you lived through was the responcibility of the elected government at that time. I suspect you still vote for that government blindly ignoring what they did to you. Texas, Galveston County, Dickinson were all governed by Democraps when you talk about. Have you had any of those complaints since Texas, Galveston County and Dickinson became Republican? If honest you must say not.

Doyle Beard

Correct Gary one name pops up so quick. Robert Byrd and the 17 senators (all democrat) who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Do you think it’s right for police to protect black students to enter a public school in 1964? Do you think segregation was equal? Democracy included all parties. You are so right, Democracts are guilty and Republicans are guilty. In God I trust.

Doyle Beard

You mean the late 50s at Arkansas. I remember DDE providing troops in Arkansas long before 1964 to ALLOW blacks students to attend schools. He was a Republican President. MY 1964 reference was the fact that JFK and LBJ had depended on the Republicans in order to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Bill because some people always blame on party. Look at the records for the facts.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

From lois Jones: I am a living fact and there is nothing you can do to make me doubt it. This was not the base for my article. Wrong is wrong, Doyle. When you know better you do better!

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Lois jones speaks
Have you been to Moore’s addition in Dickinson since 1949- 2017? You are so funny. Still a S—hole

Carlos Ponce

Lois Henderson Jones, all we have is the accusation of one senator that President Trump used that phrase. Other senators, cabinet members present at the meeting all deny Trump used that phrase. Senator Durbin is not known for his veracity. It is a sad day in America when many take the word of one disgruntled senator when others says it is not the truth. [sad]

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Lois Jones asks
Carlos, How many men does it take? Remember his other comments, a string of facts: birther issue, real estates disparity, accused black boys of NYC rape, SOB words. Has Trump apologized for anything against us? He is the most powerful man in America.

Carlos Ponce

"How many men does it take? A lot more than ONE. When growing up there were ladies in the barrio (neighborhood) who spread unsubstantiated stories about others that could not be verified but often disputed by those in the know. Mother called them "chismosas". In English - gossips.
And look up Senator Durbin's veracity, or rather lack of it. If you believe Donald Trump lied that's your prerogative. But to question the numerous others (senators, cabinet members, etc) who BACK HIS CLAIM is indeed, ridiculous.
Don't be a chismosa.
Proverbs 20:19
He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, Therefore do not associate with a gossip.

Kimberley Jones Yancy

I am ridiculously insulted by your inability to discuss intelligently. I was taught young, a soft answer turns away wrath. Freedom cost!

Carlos Ponce

"I am ridiculously insulted by your inability to discuss intelligently."
Since I provided an intelligent answer one must conclude your inability to fathom such must be based on your political bias.

Sharon Stratman

So is that why you defend a man who was caught on tape bragging about assaulting women, Carlos? Because it was only the one person saying it? Or because he's an established liar?

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Lois Jones comments
Fellows, I appreciate your feedback on the article. Coming to the table is the best dialogue. To politely answer the republican or Democract comment, my remarks are about human rights, equality and justice for all. The root of racism is ignorance in any party, in any individual regardless of race, economicc and/or class. I enjoy learning new things, meeting people and being refreshed, President Trump’s intentions to reverse Is frightening to me. Galveston county is better today because of the hard work of people like you guys and me to show respect. Thank you for your respectful comments today,

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