Rarely do citizens have the opportunity to elect a candidate who has decades of professional experience in directing a city’s growth.

Couple that with an intimate and lifelong awareness of Galveston’s strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, add a dedication to reversing the disturbing pettiness and ignorance displayed by our current council.

In short, our town needs the wisdom and insight that David Hoover can share with our other elected leaders. Please elect him as the representative of District 4.

John Campbell


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GW Cornelius

Time for a change in District 4 and Hoover is the best choice.

Steve Fouga

I wonder why you feel it's time for a change. Mr Pappous has been one of City Council's more effective members.

Please list 5 reasons Mr Pappous should be replaced. Bet you can't.

Good reasons, I mean... Failure to be Mr Rosen's or Mr Yarbrough's yes-man doesn't count.

Miceal O'Laochdha

I suspect Mr. Hoover is a worthy opponent but, I agree that Norman has represented us with integrity and sound views.

Still, I am in doubt that even Ben Franklin could move the Council in a positive and continuing manner.

If Council members were elected at-large, perhaps we would all benefit from both Mr. Pappous and Mr. Hoover on the Council. But, that will never happen so our district must chose between two good candidates. In that case, it is probably better to re-elect Norman, to show some support for a council member who has worked hard to do the right thing.

Maybe Mr. Hoover would be a good City Manager?!

Steve Fouga

"Maybe Mr. Hoover would be a good City Manager?!"

My thoughts exactly. Surely he'll apply, right?

George Lee

John Campbell, what are you thinking? First Bertini, now David Hoover!? Norman and Terrilyn are both excellent council members, no change necessary. Are you familiar with Hoover at all or are you just voting with the ruling families and puppets? What hold a balloon up? Hot air. Then What's keeping Hoover down? You're fallinf for a lot of verbiage and tripe. Trust me, i'm quite familiar with the background. Keep Norman Pappous, they don't come any better!

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