Dickinson drowns and Julie Masters decorates. I find it interesting the Dickinson families and businesses struggle to regain some degree of normalcy as they try to rebuild. Some reduced to sleeping in their truck as the city won't permit a temporary pole to provide power to their FEMA trailer.

I'm sure all those suffering people had just a moment of joy after reading the article in Coast Monthly magazine complete with beautiful pictures of their mayor's holiday decorated home in San Leon.

Brian Goldman

La Marque

Editor's note: As was noted in the Coast Monthly article cited above, the photographs of Dickinson Mayor Julie Masters' decorated San Leon home were taken in December 2016, about eight months before Hurricane Harvey.  


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Jill Masters

If you would have actually read the article, you would have seen that those photos were taken for last year's Christmas. This Christmas, that house is being used as my evacuation home, which I am very lucky and blessed to be able to use, since my home was destroyed by Harvey. (All while she is currently living in her house that is under repair, just like most of Dickinson.) Maybe next time, before you go and just assume she's a bad person, give her a call at Dickinson City Hall. Even though you're from La Marque, she'd be happy to hear your concerns. She's just that type of person - A good one.

Craig Mason

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