Elizabeth Beeton personifies exactly the type of leadership this town needs. 

Beeton is a lawyer by training. Having sat on City Council for six years, she is very familiar with the issues we face.

Beeton believes in reducing tax rates, in reinvesting taxpayer dollars into our neighborhoods to beautify them, in developing an alternative public housing plan which creates better opportunities for the residents, and believes code enforcement should be proactive, rather than reactive. 

Beeton is concerned with the peoples’ interests, not the special interests.

Although a few people criticize Beeton because she asks questions, she researches the issues and she always comes to City Council meetings prepared for a debate — that’s what lawyers do. One of my law school professors told me I would never watch a movie the same way again. He was right.

Anyway, I tell you this so that maybe it will help you to understand Beeton better. She doesn’t question everything just to be obstinate or bull-headed. She’s thorough because she cares. 

She treats her constituents like they are her clients, and she zealously advocates for them as if she were in court.

That’s the type of leadership we need at City Hall. Vote for Elizabeth Beeton.



Julia Hatcher lives in Galveston

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Robert Young

That's what we need..A arrogant lawyer with a chip on her shoulder and who knows it all representing us as mayor of galveston.Boy will people flock to her...What are you, nuts?

GW Cornelius

Beeton has been a disaster since she served on the ethics committee. If Beeton is elected last one off the Island turn the lights off.

Ellen Morrison

Beeton has never been a disaster, and she's certainly not arrogant.

If it wasn't for her, the East End Flats would have been sold for one dollar. 642 acres for one dollar is a pretty good deal for the developer - and bad for the City and its residents.

Yarbrough has been fighting against her for a long time, he wants his cronies to be served without question and she just keeps asking all those... awkward questions. Odd how he wanted the RDA restructured to silence her... yet Rosen was the one who did it. Cronyism at its finest.

Curtiss Brown

You are impressed with the one dollar figure? Imagine how impressed you'd be to pay, that's right pay, the thousands of dollars others in that selection process wanted just to draw up a plan and look for tenants?

We had a chance, a real chance, after the storm, to get a sympathetic Congress to agree to some significant re orientations of the facts out on the East End Flats. And those hopes were dashed.

Every time the Sullivan family came within canon range their projects were shot down? Ever wonder why?

Susan Fennewald

No I didn't wonder why. It was because the city/Tirz paid millions for Evia.

The Sullivans have what seems to be a thriving business at the port - and nobody complains. They applaud.

It's when favors are done that people complain.

Robert Young

East end flats is worth what? How much tax revenue or jobs does it now create?
The cost of development is huge.. we outta pay $$$ to someone to put it in play and besides a developed property tax base would pay alot of the police budget. BEETON was in the way of progress and now just in the way. . .No vision, just a bunch of mumbo jumbo lets plant some flowers bullcrap..

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