Angels live amongst us. Mine is named Beth.

While on my morning walk on the seawall, I took a tumble. Went down hard with my forehead, right palm and upper thigh taking the brunt of the impact.

As I lifted up, the blood started trickling onto the pavement. It was at this moment when I heard from a distance these words, "Are you all right?" I shook my head as I slowly stood up.

Crossing six lanes of traffic, a young woman came to me. Concerned, she walked me to the Walgreens where she was parked. "Let's go inside," she said, "so I can get you some antiseptic and bandages." Apparently, I was quite the mess as people quietly stared. Once cleaned up and bandaged, Beth drove me to my car and then followed me back home making sure I got there safely. "Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital? We're 're quite close." "No, I'm fine, but can I pay you for the bandages?" "Absolutely not," as we hugged.

Once safely inside I sent my daughter a text. "This is what I love about Texas. Angels are everywhere." Thank you, Beth, my angel, for everything.

Mary Clark

Texas City


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