While I generally don’t send political messages, I wanted you to know what a friend we have in Commissioner Kevin O’Brien. Let me enumerate some of the leadership roles that Commissioner O’Brien has taken when it comes to Galveston County.

Shortly after his election, he attended an informational meeting with the leadership of the Galveston County Historical Commission. In less than five minutes, we had more answers to questions regarding our museum space after Hurricane Ike than we had in the prior three years.

When we needed to have our prized Fresnel lighthouse lens moved to the old courthouse lobby, it was Commissioner O’Brien who took the lead and worked with the county to make it happen.

When we needed help with the preparation and reinstallation of the significant Texas historical markers that lined the seawall before Hurricane Ike, it was Commissioner O’Brien who arranged coordination and donations to make it happen.

Most recently, when we needed an approximate date for the reopening of our County Museum, it was once again Commissioner O’Brien who assisted us.

It is important that we recognize Commissioner O’Brien for his achievements in Galveston.

Kathie Nenninger

Santa Fe

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