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Carlos Ponce

"he simply added his name in it"
"H. R. 1382
March 7, 2017
Mr. Weber of Texas (for himself, Mr. Austin Scott of Georgia, and Mr. Byrne) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Natural Resources. This Act may be cited as the “Give Our Fishermen Immediate Snapper Help Act” or the 'GOFISH Act'.
Looks like Randy Weber did more than "simply added his name to it". He authored and introduced the bill in Congress.

Iris M Crow

Thanks, Carlos. Randy Weber is doing a fantastic job. He does what he says he’ll do. He’s one of the most honest and transparent congressmen you will find.

Iris M Crow

Carlos, would you send your comments as a letter to the editor? People need to know the real story. Thanks again. Iris

Bill Cochrane

Clark endorses White because White promises recreational fishermen he will fight for them. He wants States to control Federal fisheries so recreational fishermen can catch all the Snapper they want, just like the old days when there were no limits, which lead to the devastation of the snapper fishery. But he has a hidden agenda. He wants the States to control the Federally controlled commercial and charter sectors too. Why? Because he thinks that by closing down the commercial and charter fishery, the boat owning recreational fishermen will be able to catch unlimited snapper for a longer period of time. But, if the states do gain control of the Federal fisheries there will be no more charter boats, which, by the way, take non-boat owning recreational fishermen out fishing. In all the gobble-de-goop of the snapper fishery, by Graves and White, you never hear anything about sustainability of the fishery. It’s always about “the boat owning recreational fisherman”. It’s never about how to maintain a stable fishery. Weber wants longer recreational seasons, but in a way the fishery will continue to grow. The ravings of guys like White and Graves equates to – Hey, there’s more snapper now, so let’s just go catch ‘um all.

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