Three years ago, I moved to Galveston with a dream to live in a community, rich in culture and diversity, but my dream became a nightmare when my neighbors turned out to be crystal meth addicts, prostitutes, thieves and individuals abusing Section 8 housing.

Endless obscenities, domestic violence, child abuse, drug dealings and addicts desperate for their next fix, as well as having my life and property threatened, became my new reality.

Thankfully, my peace and safety was eventually restored, but this was not accomplished without the aid of many concerned citizens, City Councilman Craig Brown and, most especially, our dedicated police and narcotics officers.

I am ashamed that previously I only considered police as someone who might give me a ticket, but as I got to know these outstanding individuals who were willing to risk their lives every day to ensure my safety, I developed a deep respect and gratitude for them. I saw firsthand the dangerous encounters they face and their dire need for more officers.

The citizens of this island can still have the dream of a good life, but only by supporting our police officers who serve and protect us.

Rosa Morgan


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Tom Schwenk

Great article I too appreciate the hard work and dedication of our police officers and city council members

Chris Gimenez

Sounds like she likes her "diversity" just a little less diverse.

Lars Faltskog

Well, bvresident:

As long as we keep it in reasonable perspective and we don't assume that Sec 8 housing is an automatic producer of thieves, meth addicts, et cetera.

I doubt if anyone likes to be living on the same block - and much less next door to - those above-mentioned individuals. But we also must realize that these meth addicts, thieves, etc don't adhere to a particular living arrangement, nationality, origin, religion, nor political leaning.

Chris Gimenez

The only thing we can be relatively certain of is that they're card-carrying members of the Entitlement Party.

Lars Faltskog

Well, then, bvredisent:

Shouldn't we then pray for them and hope they turn to a life of productivity?

Valerie Beverly

I would think we are not posting to talk about section 8,or critiquing Rosa's article. Its about the Police, and thanks to them for keeping the wolves off our doorsteps.

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