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Mary Branum

We would have incredible dunes if the "seaweed" were not removed!
This is nature - embrace it.
What's next - don't like the seagulls, pelicans, etc?


Exactly. The seaweed is free and helps the island. I don't see any loss of visitors here either. Our island is completely packed this summer. The tourists trash is more nasty than the seaweed.

George Croix

What about the people living downwind of where the city just 'buys some land' and 'dumps' seaweed?

Jim Forsythe

Elizabeth, Do You have any land next to You in Texas City. ,if so that would be a good place for it. Or we could let nature take care of it were it's at.

Jarvis Buckley

From an economic point of view seaweed is bad, from an ecological point of view it's good.
Which one normally wins out on this island. Just asking............

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